Can we play a game called “Things I’d rather do with 300k”?

Well, I’d start by paying off the house and the car — ~215K. Have someone else landscape the yard instead of our current plan of removing kudzu by ourselves (1K). Maybe price out how expensive it would be to add a screen porch, but it might not be worth the cost. My next thing was almost to buy first class tickets to Norway for next year, instead of regular economy, but apparently 84K isn’t enough money for me to feel rich enough to spring for fancy plane tickets.

I’d want to do something nice though, so lets say 2–3K for some sort of local family thing where we buy everything. Hamilton tickets sounds a little cliche at this point, but I’d do that and invite some friends.

After that, I’m kind of at a loss if we’re assuming the rules are that the money has to be spent. Otherwise, the 100% easy choice would be invest it all and enjoy not having a mortgage :P

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