Can I or should I use Medium as a place to showcase my photography?

I have always liked they way Medium looks. It is clean, kind of minimal and focus always seems to be on the content. So today I asked myself the question:

Can I or should I use Medium as a place to showcase my photography?

As soon as I did that a bunch of other questions popped up in my mind:

  1. Is it allowed?
  2. Can it satisfy my visual and design needs?
  3. Will it look good?
  4. Will it be user friendly?
  5. Should I do this?
  6. Why should I do this?
  7. Is it a viable option to all the other solutions out there? Wordpress? Flickr? Instagram?

A few minutes later I thought to myself:

“Stop asking yourself all the questions! You are just stalling! Try it out and just do it! What are you so afraid of? Will the internet police send you a stern e-mail or show up and knock on your door?

Let’s see what Medium can do?

Photo taken during a concert with the band Katatonia in Göteborg, Sweden.

I really like the option to insert an image which spans the entire page.

Let’s try something else?

I am now going to insert several images. First I picked three photos to upload but then realized that one of them was from a different concert so I deleted it. We are now left with two photos of the phenomenal orchestra Meshuggah from Sweden.

I could not find a way to add a third photo after the fact? The only way to do that would be to start all over and insert all three images again. There might be a work around for that?

Two photos for the price of one?

Below I inserted a link to a YouTube video and it looks like this.

Above I inserted a link to my current blog called “Lost Light”. This is the website/blog which is currently dedicated to my photography. I think the link above looks really nice.

I believe it is time for anther LARGE photo.

Aah! A landscape and a sunset! How pretty!

I like the way you can break up the flow of the page by inserting these laaarge images.

Let us try another gallery.

Agent Fresco (Iceland) — Leprous (Norway)
Devin Townsend Project (Canada)

OK, now I have a question? Are the images clickable? Because when I am creating this page I can not click to enlarge the photos. But this might be possible for a visitor? We will see…

I did publish this page secretly and visited it… Yes! It worked really nicely. When I clicked on one of the photos above it was enlarged with a little tasteful animation. It looked really nice!

Mandatory full size photograph!

Danish National Hot Air Balloon Championship in 2016

I believe this might work! If the goal is to put together a photo story this should work perfectly.

Now, I am going to publish this page and make it public. After that I am going to check out how it looks and behaves on an iPad and a phone.

Thanks for stopping by and if you made it this far… I am impressed and an extra thumbs up to you!

Robert :)