How I Earned 12 College Credits in Just 22 Days

Believe it or not, but earning 12 credits in just 22 days was actually really easy. Even easier than that was graduating with a Bachelor degree in two years. The only thing that’s stopping anyone from doing it is that they don’t know how.

If I had to guess, you too were unaware that the College Board offers exams that allow you to place out of college level classes. They’re called CLEP exams.

CLEP exams are the College Board’s college level proficiency exams that allow you to test out of college courses. They’re the #1 way for individuals to place out of college courses because they cover 33 different courses, are accepted by +2,900 colleges and only cost $80 each. Upon passing an exam, you’ll be able to transfer the credits that you earn into the school of your choice. The average exam has 80–120 multiple choice questions, lasts 90 minutes and awards 3–12 credits.

Simply put, CLEP exams allow you to place out of courses so you can stop wasting time sitting in class and doing meaningless assignments. After all it is 2016 right?

Sleeping in the Library

Surprisingly, I didn’t live in the library over the 22 days that I earned 12 credits. I spent one hour studying in the morning and another before I went to bed.

That’s right, I only spent 2 hours a day studying. That’s a total of around 10 hours per exam, give or take a few hours.

Sounds like a no-brainer right? Spend 10 hours, get back 15 weeks and countless hours spent in the library cramming for exams, finals and writing papers.

Yea right

If I was reading someone’s post about how they skipped a whole semester of college and saved $20,000 in only 22 days, I’d definitely want some proof. If that’s what you’re looking for I encourage you to check out my site where I go into further detail about how I did it and give away a free guide so others can do it to.

If you’re worried that you aren’t smart enough to pass a CLEP exam I want you to think again. I literally failed the only Advanced Placement (AP) class that I took in high school. To be honest, I don’t think anyone thought I would’ve ever graduated.

My Highs school Transcript


If you’re still reading I’d like to thank you for reading my first post and would encourage you to comment below or share it. I’m excited to contribute to the Medium platform in order to share my journey and to encourage others to start testing out of college classes because I find it rather ridiculous that our higher education system continues to fail both it’s students and graduates.