It means we feel as though we should keep working (and spending money) on failing projects where we’ve sunk a ton of time and money already.
Five Hidden Cognitive Biases That Keep Us From Our Best Creative Work
August Birch

Great article. It reminded me of my late father and his habit of staying up late watching movies on television when I was out on a date.

I came home around 1:00 am after a date to find him watching some movie, the title of which I’ve long since forgotten.

“This is the worst movie I’ve ever seen,” he said. “There’s no plot, and the acting is terrible. I’ve already wasted an hour watching it, and it keeps getting worse.”

“Why don’t you turn it off, or watch something else?” I asked.

“I can’t. I’ve got too much time invested in it.”

That was the moment I finally understood the truth of the saying, “Throwing good money after bad.”

Your stories always make me think, and for that I thank you.