My WordPress editor of choice is Open Live Writer. It’s based on the now-abandoned Microsoft Live Writer, and is open-source as well as free.

I compose everything offline on my laptop. It has a preview function so I can see (roughly) how it’s going to look once I post it.

It has a few glitches: if I insert a graphic, it uploads 2 copies of it to WordPress. My workaround is to upload a draft to WordPress, then go online to fix any formatting errors and to add any images I want to use.

Again, it’s not perfect, but it works for me.

Robyn Jane

Robyn Sinéad Sheppard

Written by

Genderqueer asexual curmudgeon. She/her/hers. Time-traveler. Essayist. Sinéad is Irish for Jane, a name I proudly share with my mother and grandmother.

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