Links: 10.16.15

I was squeezing this squishy Theo babe 1 year ago.

Home: I want some air plants up in this house. I love the ashy greens and purples found in succulent plants, and I could really get on the Xerographica boat.

Eat: I eat vicariously through this blog.

Think: Bloom’s Taxonomy is a “framework for categorizing educational goals.” It is something educators learn to be aware of, and at The Wider School (my business endeavor with my super partner Lynne Burkholder) it is something we teach students to be aware of. The way I explain it to students is that your brain needs to take certain steps before getting all the way up to the task of creating something new and unique. First you have to be able to remember something, then you move on to understanding it, then you are able to apply it, analyze it, evaluate it, and finally you are able to create something new from what you’ve learned. It doesn’t always happen that nicely, but it’s good to be aware so that you can push yourself to reach higher levels of the taxonomy. This is an article I found many moons ago and just rediscovered. WHAT!?! How did I loose this? I’ve been frustrated with the taxonomy lately, and now I realize why. Because in our educational setting, creating does come first, not last. It is so messy this way. Students and parents alike are constantly frustrated with us (sorry!). However, our (their) kids consistently come up with new ideas, and push themselves further, and reach new educational heights, and complete work “beyond their grade level” because we ask them to create without always giving them the knowledge or tools to do it. Are we hanging them out to dry? Nope. They figure it out on their own, and subsequently have the tools to figure it out on their own again and again….without adult supervision. It’s awesome.

Family: I have visions about my soon-to-be daughter. I know already she is passionate, engaged, and curious. I know that she feels. I also know that the qualities I hope to see in her often come with side effects. I’ve experienced them. Empathy, for example, is beautiful and also heartbreaking. It doesn’t simply mean you understand the feelings of others, it means you feel them. I am both hopeful and scared to foster this quality in my children. That being said, I hope, that if I encounter a situation similar to Betsy MacWhinney, the author of this article, I’ll be there for my babies just like she was there for hers.

Make: I’ve recently become super pregnant. I was pretty pregnant for 6 months leading up to this, but I woke up earlier this week feeling like I’m a whale and I’ll probably be this way for the rest of my life. So, I don’t want to make anything. No link for you.

Wear: Everything. I repeat everyTHANG is so sweet and adorable on this board. I thought dressing boys would be tough, but I’m now convinced girls is an entirely different ball game.

Read: I thought about this novel while writing for the family link. I read it when I was a teenager and found myself associating with the character of May Boatwright who deals with being extremely sensitive towards the emotions of others. May is so overwhelmed by this that she has a hard time functioning otherwise. I love how beautifully her character is painted and how valued she is for her empathy, not in spite of it.

Laugh: This is borderline innaprops, but so so funny. Seriously, the comedic genius of this anonymous person posing as Target in the wake of their decision to remove gender specific category signs in stores is perfect.

Watch: Do you like torturing yourself with gut-wrenching reality? Do you enjoy learning about the hardships of others? Do you love to see someone step up to the plate and do things you know you never could do? Do you get satisfaction from looking around at your cushy life and realizing you lack nothing, need for nothing, should only ever feel gratitude, and have no reason to think otherwise? Great! Me to! It is a necessary torture. We are extremely privileged and many times every single thing around us causes us to act otherwise. Well, slap yourself in the face with this documentary! It is a beautiful challenge.

Listen: This track is featured in what may be our favorite film (more about that in the future). It’s literally perfect for every situation. Those trumpets! Also, I was first introduced to Flavor Flav in his hit television reality dating series “Flavor of Love” before I knew about Public Enemy. So, basically, I’m the worst — or I’m just a baby (I am, I’m barely an adult).

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