Breaking From The Norm of Conventional Street Art; An Exposè on emerging Talents to Watch Out For

The Grafitti and street art world has witnessed its fair share of creative minds and Talents, and given that a whole lot of new and upcoming artists are in the business solely for fame and recognition, it comes as expected that there is a redundancy in style, with these new artists seeking to copy the trademark style of past famous artists.

In Brussels, a young female artist is looking to deviate from this status quo by demonstrating that originality and style Reign supreme over mediocrity and imitation. Born in France, Anthea Missy is relatively new to the scene of graffiti and street art but is already making giant strides that are evident by the acclaim her artworks displayed in cities of Europe and Asia have garnered.

Anthea considers herself to be a visual artist with a flair for creating graffiti, painting and murals. Embedded in her works is a manifestation of sophistication and dynamism that is further reinforced by the intricate details that are characteristic of these works.

Inspiration and concept for her work are usually derived from abstraction before she spontaneously transforms this thought into art in a manner that is evocative of a mind highly adept at critical thought processing. It is not uncommon to spot reference and characters of Asian origin in her work; this is because she was influenced to a great deal by Asian culture.

In a relentless resolve to create and display her artworks in all corners of the world, Anthea has so far ventured into European and Asian cities where she produces these artworks in a never before seen style. In a technique she calls co-creation, Anthea seeks to actively engage her audience in the thought and decision-making process that precedes the creation of her artworks. In so doing, she not only ensures diversity in the artwork, but also produces art that is by no means alien to the occupants of her chosen location. And In the case where her audience is not actively involved in the art production sequence, she admonishes them to witness her live as she creates these magnificent works of art.

A critical examination of her artworks reveal a floral motif, and for viewers who are conversant with the works of Kim Casali, it’s hard to miss the Cartoony like patterns that are embedded in them. When it comes to colours, Anthea has a preference for white, black, Red and turquoise. And with her artworks being an exposition of this choice, it’s no surprise that they evocate the euphoria of Moxie and vitality. The seemingly outstretching patterns seen in her artwork elicit an aura of freedom and mettle, with most of her artworks themed to accent the contrast between negative and positive in a manner that is reminiscent of Yin and Yang.

In a step by step process, this artist is set to make her name and brand known in the scene of graffiti and street art, albeit it being through the alternative means of emphasising originality without much regard for societal approval. But even so, her works displayed in cities like Kaula Lumpur, Cambodia, France, Holland, China, Jakarta, Belgium, Vietnam, Thailand, Malta, England, Spain, Singapore, and Shanghai were met with a warm reception. Thus providing further encouragement to this artist from Brussels as she takes up the daunting task of mastering Graffiti and street arts in a male dominated atmosphere.