I used to be a fatass.

That’s a harsh word. I don’t mean it literally, or even figuratively. I promise, I would never say or think that to someone. I know I was never obese, I’ve never had a doctor say I should lose weight but I did have some unhealthy habits.

I guess There is some truth to that word. A fatass. My brain thought so. The unhealthy thoughts I would have about food. The binging, the junk, the carbs…the carbs. Don’t get me wrong. I still really like food. Food is tasty. I am learning though, Good food is tasty too. Did you know that a 12inch subway can be as low as 630 calories? I still stuff my face with a giant 12 inch sub every so often.

I am also learning that food doesn’t make me happy. After a bad day, I used to grab a box of cookies or chips and gorge all night to ‘feel’ happier. ‘Feel’ better? Nah, I just went to bed early with a tummy ache those days. Not only is my body physically getting healthier, stronger, and thinner but my emotions are leaning coping abilities. Last week I had an off day and headed home early. I could have layed on the couch moping and crying. Instead, I went to the gym and cleared my head.

Here is an example of when I celebrated with food

This was New Years Day 2014 breakfast. Please note TWO eggs, a small STEAK…

Then maybe an hour after that, my boyfriend and I followed up that giant brunch with dessert while lounging on the couch watching movies. Yes, we ate it all.

see what I mean now when I say fatass? I’m not actually, I just ate like it. I’m slowly becoming the ‘skinny girl’ or at least the ‘fit’ girl. Thats not my goal, however. My goal is to do what is right for me, what keeps me going and what keeps my body healthy. It’s not easy, I’ve been struggling to keep this positive, energetic attitude up. Here is an example of one of my motivations.

This is my first post so please bear with me if I’ve made some mistakes along the way.

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