Graphic research for a ticketing app in Paris

Start a new project is always very exciting, you search, you think and yeah, you find solutions to catch your goals !

In this case, I worked for a famous tourism bus app and imagine how i can make a cool brand univers for deliver a really nice UI and engage people who use the app.

See this article like a mind food, something you can eat and think after ;)


> Ressources in bottom 😉

Yes, that’s the first image i see in my mind.

People will use ticket for take the bus, let’s make one !

First, i searched real examples to take the object’s spirit :

Really good vintage style, lovely colors.
Bar code, numbers.
Stamp hole, font styles, print codes…

and more, even more !

And… i researched again my ticket but with more specifics criterias.

My first was for UI. How to fine good ratios, look and feel. Try to check every details and keep in my mind what i will adapt with my style.

Everything have a great ratio and balanced.
QR Code and bar code. Ticket form, font family.
Ticket form, separators, blank space.
Balanced UI elements, hierarchy of information.
Shadows, colors.

As you can see… I checked not only tickets examples but good UI too. In search step you need to have all the ressources to make good product. 👇

Card style, 54 likes, icons.
Colors uses, cards, ui elements.

Nice isn’t it? Now let’s check what can i eat for my AD :

Smart use for plane icons (SFO > CDG), Bar code, and what if we use a bus in place of a plane??
Font uses. Colors, styles.
Stamp ticket, font family, graphics elements as triangles…
London font, numbers and label with separators (date___)
Graphic pron no? Industrial style.

Ok guys, we have it let’s work.

Hey, you missed one more thing ! Animations no?

Damn right ! How my ticket can live?

Fly little ticket… Catch and strap your front dev, now we are ready.

Pron for UI, headhache for front, suicide for project manager…
The moment you know who is your friend…Or not.

NB 1 : Dialogue with people, challenge them and be challenged, that’s the key of good projects, products…

NB 2 : English isn’t my native langage but i like to write with.

NB 3 : Where is my ticket? Not here, this article is just for help, inspirational work :)

NB 4 : Thank’s to my team, you are the best.

DA @beAPI. Designing smart interfaces and UX lover.