Creative Christmas Hashtags

Every Christmas we see the same ol’ hashtags over and over again!

#Christmas (obvious)

#SantaClause (again, obvious)

#HappyHoliday (sheesh)

#JingleBells (a little more creative, but not much)

Slightly More Creative Christmas Hashtags

I’ll admin that I can sometimes be a bit of a grinch at Christmas but it was my “inner-grinch” that caused me to put together a graphic on some slightly more creative Christmas hashtags.

And these are hashtags are already being used, just not as often compared to popular hashtags like #ChristmasTree that has a ridiculous 7,734,293 posts on Instagram!!! If you happen to use #ChristmasTree alongside the photo of your adorable Christmas Tree then your adorable Christmas tree will be lost in a sea of other adorable Christmas trees posted to Instagram. And you can’t let that happen because you spent so long decorating that tree!

How can you make it stand out? Use a more creative Christmas hashtag! See my graphic below for some fun ideas but feel free to create your own.

There are many more creative Christmas hashtags out there than the ones listed on my graphic. These are just the tip of the Christmas tree (yes I know, crap Christmas joke). But ladies and gents, it doesn’t take much to jazz up those holiday hashtags this year. Perhaps you can turn your favourite cheesy Christmas tune into a hashtag?




Check out the top funny Christmas songs on

So go for it. Get creative and feel free to share your favourite creative Christmas hashtag in the comments below!

#thegrinch aka Debbie 😉

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Originally published at on December 3, 2016.