Why I became a Virtual Assistant

Hi, I’m Debbie, a Virtual Assistant. After 10+ years of working in an office, I realized that I’m an entrepreneur at heart. Freedom is my biggest value. I wanted to be able to work from home, travel and never limit the income I make. I also LOVE inspiring and helping others pursue their dream work. When I see an entrepreneur who is passionate about what they do, I instantly want to help. So becoming a Virtual Assistant seemed like the natural thing to do.

All Things Lead to Where You Are Now

It’s been quite the journey to get here. I’ve worked in Scotland and Canada, both the private and public sector, I’ve had my own yoga business and I have a video blog called DebTalksTV. For over a decade I’ve multi-tasked my way around Vancouver, BC working for small businesses, post-secondary colleges, non-profit organizations, local government and most recently provincial government. I love to stay stimulated, so taking on different tasks for different types of businesses and learning new skills is one of my favourite things to do (that’s along with yoga of course).


As much as I enjoyed working in an office, I craved more of a creative outlet where I have the freedom to work where and when I want. I began to grow my virtual assistant business using all of the skills I’ve acquired over the years. This is just the beginning and I’m working hard to build my clientele.

Because I believe in putting it all out there to the Universe, here’s the list of my achievements (using present tense cuz that’s what you do when manifesting according to Oprah and I love Oprah!):

~ abundant wealth that covers my living expenses and savings;

~ an old school Westfalia like the one on Little Miss Sunshine, only turquoise;

~ the ability to travel the world as I work (in my Westfalia);

~ the opportunity to spend more time with my family in Scotland (in my Westfalia, though I’ll have to drive on the other side of the road!);

~ the time and money to travel and interview amazing women all over the world for my vlog DebTalksTV (In my Westfalia of course!)

~ a family who are willing to help my push the Westfalia when it breaks down ;)

Becoming a Virtual Assistant was the perfect next step for my career. I can put all of my valuable skills into action, acquire new skills whenever I want, live by my top core value of freedom, continue to serve by helping entrepreneurs and small business owners, continue working on my vlog, travel and live in a Westfalia (well that hasn’t quite happened yet, but it will!)

You can find out more about me at www.debbieroche.com.