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The Magic Coupon

Only those with magic in them can see the coupon you’re holding

She checked and double-checked the address on her printout. Cassity had lived in this town her entire life, and she could swear she had never seen this building before. Its crumbling orange bricks and weathered wood barricaded windows were so out of place among the neatly kept facades of the other structures lining the main street of town, she surely would have noticed this sore thumb between some of her regular stores. But yet, the freshly painted sign above the flimsy door guaranteed she had arrived at 182 ½ Maple Street.

The door creaked, announcing her entry. She coughed as the thick dusty air assaulted her lungs. The place was dark, desolate, and deserted. And, she was certain the address on the coupon she’d bought online for the Art of Magic class was a misprint.

“What a waste of twenty bucks!” Her voice echoed through the empty storefront.

The door flung open, and the silhouette of a person stumbled in mumbling curses in a deep voice. “Is this some kind of joke,” he questioned.

Cassity shrugged and responded. “Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, too.”

The person made his way closer to her. “You here for the magic class?”

She realized the voice belonged to a guy who looked not much older than her 18 years, “That was the idea. But, there was either a mistake on the coupon, or it’s some sort of scam.” She didn’t even mention the fact that she was convinced this abandoned building had just appeared from thin air.

Shuffling sounds from the darker recesses of the room startled both of them, and they instinctively moved closer together. Cassity could barely make out two shadowy figures coming toward them.

Her voice came out in a raspy whisper, “Hello?”

There was a loud snap in response, and the room was suddenly brightly lit. Cushy seating arrangements scattered the parquet tiles, and a large fireplace crackled to life. Cassity’s heart and a scream were lodged in her throat, and the boy stood stock still like he was mid-flight or fight.

The two shadows became women. One who looked like she should be strutting down a catwalk in the latest designer fashions, and the other looked more like a granny who best enjoyed rocking and working on needlepoint wall hangings.

The tall one spoke first. “Ah, welcome. Sorry we were late, we hope you didn’t have to wait long. Cassity? Griffin? Come; sit.”

Both teens were too stunned to do anything other than what they were told. They followed the unlikely pair to the seats closest to the fireplace, and plopped down on an oversized loveseat. The women each took a seat flanking opposite sides from where Cassity and Griffin sat.

The older woman clucked. “Poor dears, we’ve traumatized you. Nothing to be afraid of, we’re harmless teachers of the magics.” From within the folds of her black gown, she pulled out two heavy leather-bound books and handed one to each of them. “Your Grimoires, my dears. No two are the same. Once they get to know you, they’ll personalize themselves to what you hold in the very depths of your heart and souls. There are no secrets you can keep from your Grimoire.”

The younger of the two instructors had been busy staring at them. “Oh how silly of us, we haven’t had a proper introduction,” holding out her hand. “I’m Isobelle, and this is my sister, Mabel.”

Cassity shook both of the instructors hands, and Griffin sat, unmoving, with his arms defensively over the book he had been given.

Isobelle grinned at him, “A skeptic, I see. That will change, I guarantee it.” She looked at both of them, squinted her eyes as if she were trying to solve a puzzle, and snapped. Suddenly, a tray of steaming hot chocolate and a plate of cookies appeared on the table in front of the loveseat.

Still holding his Grimoire and without taking his eyes off Isobelle, Griffin leaned over to grab a hot chocolate. “So, wanna tell us what this is all about?”

Mabel chuckled, “Silly boy, you signed up for the Art of Magics class.”

Isobelle’s crimson lips were still pulled into an inviting smile. “We’ll give you a minute to gain your bearings and your Grimoire to gather some more information from you before we begin.”

Cassity looked from Isobelle to Mabel to Griffin. “I’m sorry, but I’m really confused. By this whole thing. The theatrics, the whole building. I mean, how?”

Isobelle glanced at Mabel before focusing back on the two scared kids, “You’re right, we shouldn’t have started out the class the way we did. But, we had to be certain. Now that we know, we can begin.”

Sipping from her own cup of hot chocolate, Cassity rolled her eyes. “Still confused,” she muttered, licking the whipped cream mustache off her upper lip.

Griffin remained silent and brooding, concentrating only on his drink and the fire. He turned toward Cassity, “I get it now. They wanted to make sure we had magic in us.”

Isobella clapped, “You’re using your senses. Good start, Griffin!”

Mabel could tell Cassity was still lost. “Dear, only those with magic in them could even see the coupon you’re holding. That is the proof that you and Griffin are of magic blood. Welcome to your lineage. We are thrilled you are here.”

This story has been marinating for months now. I’m not sure what it’s going to be called once it’s finished, so I’m just going to name each chapter as I write.

If you enjoyed it, I’d love and appreciate a clap or many! Thank you so much for reading.