Today in elections: Philly’s District Attorney

Local elections happen constantly across our country, and too often, without enough people knowing how, when, or why participation is important.

If you care about criminal justice reform, then you care about today’s District Attorney race in Philadelphia.

District Attorneys are chief law enforcers in a community, and in Philadelphia, the next DA could impact:

  • Cases on police brutality and misconduct
  • Addressing inequities in sentencing
  • Advocating for changes to cash bail standards
  • Working to address stop and frisk policies

State and local governments can lead the way when the federal government doesn’t.

Check out the candidates running for District Attorney in Philadelphia today!

Policies like women’s suffrage, minimum wage, environmental protection, and marriage equality all began at the local and state level. We have a responsibility to stand up during local elections and make our voices heard.

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