Voter fraud is NOT real. Full stop.

Nope. Nah. Nada. Not a thing.

By Melissa Wyatt & Kosoko Jackson

From President Trump’s discredited claim of widespread illegal voting to threats of a “major investigation” headed by Vice President Pence, the term “voter fraud” has taken over the media and inspired heated debate.

So, what is voter fraud? Let’s break it down:

Committing voter fraud is a federal offense, and it may consist of:

  • Casting a ballot twice
  • Vote-buying and vote-selling
  • Ineligible individuals voting
  • Election officials tampering with results
  • Voter impersonation (pretending you are someone else in order to vote)

Voter fraud is not:

  • Being registered in two states
  • Deceased people remaining on the rolls

When people move or a family member passes away, they often don’t think to contact election officials to remove them from the voter rolls in that area — and that’s not illegal. In fact, around 2.75 million Americans are registered in two states. What is illegal is if someone were to actually vote in more than one location.

Voter fraud is nearly nonexistent.

Election integrity is crucial, but let’s be clear: voter fraud does not impact election results — it’s been proven in court, by researchers, and in past government inquiries. The last time the federal government investigated voter fraud, it found that just 0.00000013% of votes cast were improper, no coordinated attempts were made to alter election results, and voter impersonation did not occur at all. A wide range of studies, including those conducted by the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office, have also found that voter fraud is virtually nonexistent.

Voting is not a privilege — it’s a fundamental right.

When elected officials make voter fraud claims to justify voting restrictions, it weakens our democracy and endangers each American’s right to equal access at the ballot box.

Unjustified voter fraud claims, such as those made by President Trump, could enable some lawmakers to “justify” bad policies that purge eligible voters from the rolls, make it difficult to register or cast a ballot, and much more. We can’t let that happen.

Stand up for Voting Rights and Stay Informed.