Why in the end, Snapchat will prevail. Maybe with some hardship.

I woke up see my Instagram updated. Maybe they got rid of that God-awful logo (unlikely) or it was just another of the tens of hot fixes that pass through my phone daily. But I got greeted to something completely different. Stories.


Instagram has blatantly copied Snapchat, and with less features at that. But Instagram has a few advantages though. Firstly, it already has communities and large accounts. It’s also easy to find new accounts with Discover. Secondly, with a juggernaut such as Facebook backing Instagram and their new Stories feature, it’ll most likely provide the updates it needs to match Snapchat, getting features both copied and actually new alike quickly onto the service. Thirdly, Snapchat has been seen as a buggy mess since its launch. This is mostly a gripe for Android users (80% of phone users worldwide) but this also affects iPhone users. Instagram is seen as stable, not a RAM hog and most would say it has the better UI.

How Snapchat wins.

Snapchat has one thing Instagram doesn’t in terms of temporary posts. Loyalty. That simple idea of brand loyalty will keep Snapchat alive for awhile yet. Long enough at least to make the app stable. On top of that making sure they can get new features out before Instagram. New features are needed to encourage more people to come to Snapchat. Instagram Stories could be seen as a way to show people they may actually like Snapchat, and because Snapchat is ahead of Stories in terms of features, people could be lured in to joining Snapchat. They just need to make sure they stay well ahead of stories. Loyalty will keep them afloat, but updates and stability are needed for growth.

What about Instagram?

Stories will allow Instagram to grow. If Snapchat wins out over Instagram (which I predict it will) Instagram is already a dominate platform and people will continue on using stories regardless. Just most likely far less then Snapchat (if Snapchat get their act together). More than likely the bigger accounts will use it rather than your buddies from school. If you wanna see which party your friends are at without you, best using Snapchat instead.

What is happening now?

When I woke up to Stories I went through all of the 15 or so there. Of that 15 about two were used Stories how Instagram intended, the rest simply stating their Snapchat username and not even thinking about going back to using Stories. There were also a couple that questioned the move. So Instagram stories is for those that won’t move to Snapchat, and big accounts. Most people will continue to communicate to friends with temporary posts via Snapchat.

In the end only time will tell which will win the war of temporary posts.

P.S. This is my first story, wish me luck.