My plans if nominated and confirmed as Secretary of Defense

Startpoint: With the counsel of the Chairman, help the President fill the rest of the staff vacancies within the department and replace inactive staff

Once that is done, I will aide each Joint Chief in selecting an appropriate vice, along with competent and efficient branch high command

Then we move ahead into the sub-agencies of the department, writing new bylaws and getting legislation drafted to keep the agencies that are open efficient and productive

Next comes the Pentagon. The Pentagon will be reopened and reorganized (in regards to staff, some will stay others will not)

That leads to the delegating of tasks to my Deputy/Executive/Assistant secretaries, to make sure my office is fully functional around the clock

Then, I will set my scope back on the military. Having a strong department set up allows me to refocus and with my Joint Chiefs pinpoint specific problems within each branch that can be solved. By fixing the small things, like an infantry division or an air wing, it creates a massive impact on the overall effectiveness of the military.

Endpoint: Once we have a solidified department as a whole, we will address problems that arise as they appear. We will reach our maximum capabilities as soon as we can and maintain from there. Easier said than done, but I’m no short of confidence in the abilities of this department to achieve such excellence

This concludes the short briefing of my primary objectives as Secretary of Defense. Some things omitted from the main briefing that I will accomplish:

Stay in constant communication with our Department of State and Intelligence Community

Publish weekly transparency reports

Publish innovative and efficient policies as needed

Establish and maintain a high level of esprit de corps

Thank you for reading and showing an interest into the Defense Department