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Great article! I am an IP attorney and I’ve had many clients whose work was pilfered from the internet. In fact, an article I wrote was stolen by a law student in Brazil and he took credit for it in his school curriculum.

Folks should know that copyright rights, at least in the US, are created once the work is created, and the author doesn’t need to register the copyright unless he or she thinks it might be worth it to sue for infringement. If so, the author should register with the Copyright Office, preferably before the work goes public or within 3 months after that to get the most advantage from the US Copyright Act. Also, authors should include some kind of copyright notice, like a “(c),” a watermark, or something in metadata, because the Copyright Act also provides penalties against infringers that alter or remove those notices.

Of course, I don’t know if it’s worth the effort to sue “Mikey.” I suppose it depends on how much he’s making off the article and if he’s in Thailand, the expenses associated with suing him.

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