How to stay in the flow of writing

3 min readApr 9, 2022

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Writing is hard, but Rocket Glow is working to help writers finish their books and become successful authors. We do that by creating apps, tools and a community to help writers reach their goals.

We all experience difficulty in finishing our writing projects at some time or another. So, one of the key steps to becoming a successful author is to get the words down on the page.

The untimely interjector

Every writer has an inner editor. This inner editor means well and wants their writer to succeed. It’s great to have someone on your side as a writer, because writing is mostly a solo endeavor. But even though your inner editor might mean well, it’s interjecting itself and its thoughts at the wrong time.

During the rough draft, a writer needs to let their thoughts flow onto the page, unhindered by interruptions stemming from their inner editor about grammar, punctuation, spelling, and editing as you go, etc. It’s almost like you need to cover the monitor and type into the abyss. But writing blindly is scary because there is no feedback. And here lies the dilemma. Too much feedback awakens the inner editor. So, how can you win in this scenario?

A solution to the inner editor

What if you could get just enough feedback to put your mind at ease and know that what you are typing is being captured? But, not put your inner editor on guard?

What would that look like? It would look like our first app,

Deep Flow Writer’s name comes from its unique Deep Flow mode. It helps give writers enough leverage to use their own willpower to stay in the flow of writing forward.

Your inner editor isn’t evil, but editing is a separate process and is best done after you capture the words unhindered.

How does it work?

Deep Flow mode shows one character at a time as you type. This is the minimum feedback one needs to receive in order to put their mind at ease about their writing progress.

It all starts with a single character. We’ve engineered Deep Flow mode to keep you in the flow of writing and get the words down, one character at a time.

Deep Flow mode prevents backspaces and editing as you go. But, you can always take a glance at what you’ve written and then jump back into your Deep Flow session. Each Deep Flow session can also have a word count goal to help nudge you towards your desired goals.

We want to start by giving back to the author community first, so Deep Flow Writer has a basic membership tier that is FREE. It’s available for you to use at Try Deep Flow mode now. Experience the liberating feeling of writing without your inner editor.

Premium membership is being developed with more outstanding novel writing features. Sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll keep you up to date with our progress and how we’re helping the author community.

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