Meet the team behind RocketingIT

RocketingIT was launched in 2017 by Daniel Abluch and Alex Svetakov, long-time friends from high school. Daniel and Alex come from different backgrounds: Daniel has been involved in tech startups for the past ten years while Alex has been pursuing a career in the corporate field. Meeting each other in early 2017 led to an idea of joining forces and launching a company in the IT sphere.

The choice of starting an IT company was not accidental. On the very first meeting, Alex brought up a problem: there are thousands of companies out there that offer various services in different fields, and the vast majority of these businesses have a poor online representation of their offerings.

«A website becomes a modern day business card, yet so many companies neglect to have a professional website. It’s been okay just to have a website ten years ago, but now, the rules of the game have changed. In the world of thousands of companies, one should stand out from the crowd. According to various research, 90% of customers first check the company’s website before committing to do any business. Having a well-designed and structured website became a vital part of success.»

As a solution to this problem, the partners decided to concentrate their efforts on helping all kinds of service companies build professional websites that present the business and attract new customers. Apart from website design and development, RocketingIT offers branding to help companies create strong, reliable brands to distinguish themselves from the rest of the competition, and PowerPoint/PDF presentations that go alongside introduction or sales emails to give companies a more professional approach.

«We wanted to build a one-stop-shop for any service company when they are looking to create a presentable image of their business that will drive more clients to them by delivering a unique, high-quality product that is better than everything else there is on the market.»

Daniel has brought an extensive team of developers from his time at his startup, WeLikeShopping. The team has also been joined by a professional designer, photographer, and copywriter to offer a complete package. Headquartered in London, now, RocketingIT works with clients from all around the world: UK, the United States, Europe, Russia, and Asia. Clients vary from international investment funds and concierge services companies to law firms and real estate agencies.

«Our goal is to educate the owners of the businesses on the necessity to have a professional website, well-designed brand, and overall experience they are creating for their customers. A bad first impression can push away your prospective client and break your business eventually.»

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