What to celebrate in-between Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day

So what the heck is there to do between Valentine’s Days’ bliss and St. Patrick’s Days’ beer-pocalypse? This annual period of about a month in February and March is only home to President’s Day which is like a pseudo holiday depending on where you work, and dressing like Abraham Lincoln and Richard Nixon is about as cool as a Blackberry. So we decided to dig real deep into that internet thing and find fun national days we can celebrate (or pass time) until it’s time to chug some green beer.

February 16th — National Do a Grouch a Favor Day

Everyone has “that friend”. You know, Debbie Downer and Nick Negative. But they all have their weak spots. Grab that half empty glass and fill it up to the top. Annnnnd….go!

February 17th — National Random Acts of Kindness Day

We all need good karma and positive vibes spread like a celebrity sex tape. We recommend finding someone less fortunate than you and buying them dinner.

February 20th — National Love Your Pet Day

This is actually every day but if we must only “officially” celebrate it once a year, make sure you’re furry friend feels the love they require. We recommend hitting the dog park for an extended play time and some juicy meat of sort for dinner.

February 22nd — National Margarita Day

Fortunately this day falls on a weekend sorta. So now that you know what you’re drinking for Sunday Funday, where are the best Mexican joints in town? Vamanos!

February 26th — National Chili Day

The tailgating food in a bowl of America! Organize a chili making party with your fellow chili lover and see who is Chef Boyardee. Just open some window. You know why.

February 28th — National Public Sleeping Day

Oddly enough this is only one day a year but we practice it every Friday and Saturday night…err morning. And don’t wimp out and sleep in a public place. We recommend a docked boat. It rocks.

March 2nd — National Old Stuff Day

This is one of the more creative National Day’s we found. Take a moment to recognize the same old stuff you do every day, and think about how you can break old routines. You know what they say about the definition of insanity. (Google it if you need to)

March 3rd — National Cold Cuts Day

Where’s Ickey Woods? Hold that carby bread and those veggie weed things. It’s time for thinly sliced farm animal.

March 4th — National Hug a G.I. Day

They do more than you know. Find one and give them a big hug and say thanks. #NoExcuses

March 6th — National Dentist’s Day, National Employee Appreciation Day

National Dentist’s Day …ugh, reschedule. On the other hand, wear your best duds and sexy lip gloss today. It’s time to ask for that raise.

March 9th — National Barbie Day

Even though today is a Monday, organize a Barbie pub crawl among your most bestest girlfriends. 10 Instagram posts minimum.

March 10th — National Mario Day

The greatest video game character was born today. Well not really because that Italian plumber dude with a brother was actually born in a studio. You can either dress like Super Mario Bros. today and hit the town, or invite your fellow gamers over for some binge Nintendo.

March 14th — National Pi Day

Today can also be written as 3.14 which is Pi. So that’s its history in a nutshell. Most people celebrate not by doing mathematics, but instead they organize pie eating contests. We suggest blueberry because it makes for great selfies.

March 16th — National Everything You Do Is Right Day

We’re pretty sure this is every day among married couples, but if you are single, go ahead and do something that normally doesn't fly and just proclaim this date of predicates your actions. SPECIAL NOTE: The American justice system works today. Proceed with caution.

No one says that you can or cannot dress up for these special days. But it is required that you have your Rock*It Pock*It . Be safe!

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