What s the function of infinity:

Does it have a meaning

I don’t know,

I guess it s on your own

To find it out

This is the part where we face our battles alone

And will see what tomorrow has for us

What s the function of infinity

What s suppose to be so meant to be

You re not perfect although neither me

That s the meaning of harmony

Sometimes past can hurt us awfully

Like thousand thorns spiked on our skin

Been chained by the ghost and the tears

Can you see the sunrise coming up over the sea

What’s the function of infinity

What’s the meaning of been in peace

I don t know how to hang on

I just know that I miss you so much


What s the function, what s the meaning

To be bonded to someone like you

The right equation for peace and love

What s the function of infinity

Like the moon over the ocean made of dreams

Where the moon sailor finds the mermaid singing to him

Some hearts were broken, and had lost some parts of the way

But let me give you the pieces that I still have

To heal your heart.

After the storm comes the sun.

What’s the function of infinity

To be be bonded by the memories and tears

And giving the next step and be bonded by the moon and the sea.

That s the function, that’s the meaning of harmony, a new heart made by us

Infinity is you and me.

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