The past few post have focused on the business part of Rockridge I think it’s time to get back to the creative. Recently, we reached out to Julian Alexander, Creative Director at Slang Inc. to help us create the visual identity. This means that everything from our website, emails, packaging and even our hangtags will have his midas touch. Now the name Julian may not mean much to you, but he is a very important visual designer. His firm is responsible for creating some of the most iconic images within music, fashion, and pop culture for the past 15 years.

Julian has worked with some of the biggest brands: G-Unit, Jennifer Lopez, Eminem, Brooklyn Circus, Complex Magazine and Nike to name a few. One more thing, he’s also a Grammy winning artists. I didn’t even know the Recording Academy gave out awards for music packaging until I saw what I thought was a replica in Julian’s studio. He kindly corrected me by modestly saying “nope it’s real.” See more of his work at and stay tuned to see what he comes up with for us.

Never Settle

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