There were a lot of long nights this week, which is standard procedure when you are starting a company in the living room of your home. The most succinct way I can describe my time is research, research, more research, and a lot of Pearl Jam. I listened to a song called Off He Goes a lot. It’s on the No Code album that came out in 1996. I’ve heard it before and have always appreciated the lyrics and the theme. It’s a peaceful song where I can just sit and reflect while also planning for the future.

So other than listening to music how else have I been building Rockridge? Well, I’ve gotten a step closer to selecting a manufacturer to produce the first collection. The first round of samples should be in by the end of January. I think you all will be impressed with the fabrics and tailoring and other small details. I’ve also been researching e-commerce platforms and other online tools. Slowly getting our infrastructure in place.

Lastly, we have brought on an agency to develop the visual identity of the brand. This means everything from business cards to the look and feel of the website and packaging is being created by this firm. I can’t reveal who it is just yet, but they have worked with clients such as: Nike, Eminem, Brooklyn Circus and Sony Music.

Never settle.

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