The Most Important Goal of Blogging

And what is that exactly?

Let me take a step back and show you what happened:

As I woke up at 7 AM today, and started reading articles on my phone, I realized something important.

That most of these articles had “big” words in them. Words like dissemination, encumbered, and so on.

These are complicated words that can make your head spin.

As you go through such articles, you will be forced to put that old dictionary out of your bag and onto your desk.

And if you are like me? You will really start to wonder whether this blogger had recently graduated with multiple PhD degrees…

Or ranked first in some Olympic English course?

Why you so smart?

You can, of course, use 1–2 words, but a complete paragraph — or even article — filled with such big words?

That’s a pain to read. Please avoid.

Because I had to constantly go to Google to get the definition of these big words.

Then I had to put that definition into my brain and go back to reading that article.

To make it worse:

After reading few more words, there were many more complicated words that followed. Ugh.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Copy that word. Google. Go back. Read again.

All this was exhausting!

I am sure you have experienced something similar.

To give you an example, just imagine Mahatma Gandhi saying this:

First they ignore you, then they cachinnate at you, then they scrimmage you, then you win.

Does it make sense?

Here’s the original version:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Which brings me to the point:

What is the most important goal of blogging?

It is not to impress others with your writing.

Or display your massive vocabulary skills to your readers.

The only goal of blogging is to be easily understood.
And to be easily understood, use simple words.

(You might want to read that again).

Avoid using big words. Replace them with something simple.

Kick dissemination out of your language and use the word spread.

Delete encumbered from your memory and use the word restricted.

You get the point. Simple is powerful. Big, fancy words are not.

Remember if Mahatma Gandhi used the modified version back in those days, that quote would never have been famous as it is today.

I made this mistake of using big words in my blogging career. And it took me 3 years to realize it.

And for some reason, if you find yourself using big words in your article, then remember what copywriter John Carlton has to say:

Take all the big, fancy 30 cent words you’re using and replace it with five cent words.

Goal is always to use simple words that are easily understood.

And if this article was easy to read, and you understood every word I had to say, my thoughts made sense to you, then the goal was achieved.