13 Streaming Horror Short Films Perfect For Halloween

Halloween. The prime time for witches, black cats, Jack O’ Lanterns, costumes, candy corn (who eats that stuff anyway?), and watching horror films.

In fact, celebrating favorite horror movies has become a quintessential holiday tradition.

What many do not realize is along with modern and classic scary movies, there is an impressive number of blood-chilling horror shorts being produced for viewing exclusively on the web.

Like their feature-length counterparts, the following thirteen horror shorts represent a wide variety of tones and styles. From the emotionally disturbing to the cheesiest of camp, independent online horror shorts have something to offer almost any taste.


At the onset of the zombie apocalypse, a man enacts a desperate plan to ensure his infant daughter’s survival. This gripping 2013 Australian short has garnered over 11 million (and counting!) views on YouTube.


A Cajun demon hunter’s plan to confront the devil goes awry when Satan sends … his attorney instead. Although its premise suggests a comedy, this short is grim, dark, intense, and unsettling.

Child Eater

When the child she is babysitting goes missing, a pregnant teenager encounters a living nightmare.

The Root Of The Problem

In this technicolor horror homage, a 1950s-era housewife suspects her dentist harbors a dark secret.


Featuring Adelaide Kane, star of the television series Reign, this short tells the story of a young woman with the supernatural ability to enter the souls of possessed people in order to battle the demons within.


A woman uses her unique psychic gift to aid a priest in battling an ancient, terrifying evil.


Two men encounter the spirit of a woman who can only be seen when holding your breath.

Selfie From Hell

After taking a selfie while alone at home, a woman realizes something is there with her.

Super Zero: Badass Journey Into Zombie Awesomeness

Josh is a likable comic book-loving, video gamer who receives devastating, life altering news - then civilization ends. However, there is more to Josh than meets the eye, and a most unlikely hero rises.

Brent Sim’s Grave Shivers

This acclaimed 14-minute horror anthology features short tales involving murder, monsters, and macabre mayhem.

STONE — A Doctor Who Short Horror Film

This impressive fan-made short perfectly distills why the Weeping Angels are among the most terrifying of Doctor Who’s villains.

2 AM: The Smiling Man

While on a late night walk, a young man has a blood-chilling encounter. This short is based on an alleged true story.

Lights Out

This three minute award-winning short will make you want to sleep with the lights on. (Recently developed and released as a hit full-length motion picture!)

Terrific independent horror shorts like these prove a big budget and bombastic visual effects are not essential for providing thrills and chills. Adding them to your Halloween movie playlist is great way to ensure a spook-tacular holiday.

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Happy Halloween!

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