5 Exciting Indie Sci-Fi Filmmakers To Watch

Rod T Faulkner
Apr 19, 2015 · 3 min read
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Science fiction is enjoying a renaissance in the medium of online short film.

This is mainly due to fearless filmmakers taking advantage of the relative creative freedom they retain by releasing films online, instead of through more traditional (and far more restrictive) distribution channels.

In the two years since beginning my work of promoting science fiction short films and web series, my admiration of independent filmmakers has grown tremendously.

To say it’s challenging to produce exceptional films without the backing of a Hollywood network or studio is beyond an understatement.

However, these five filmmakers have accomplished just that — and they are just getting started.

These individuals represent the maverick, aspirational, idealistic, and creative spirit long oppressed in much of Hollywood.

These artists inject a sense of excitement and wonder into every project they make — key ingredients in creating impactful and entertaining science fiction.

They are definitely ones to watch.

Hasraf “Haz” Dulull

Haz Dulull is an award-winning visual effects creator and director in the motion picture industry.

His short films feature cutting edge, awe-inspiring visual effects that serve as magnificent backdrops in sci-fi stories exploring humanity’s future.

See his exquisite short Project Kronos:

CJ Johnson

CJ Johnson is an award-winning actor, director, writer, and producer. His horror film Creepers has become a cult favorite.

He injects a verisimilitude in his work that completely transports and immerses the viewers.

His sensational short film Genesis — a tale about people with superpowers haunted by their totalitarian government — was mainly shot using an iphone 5!

Justin Calen Chenn

Justin Calen Chenn is a Los Angeles based filmmaker whose films have a unique sense of style and flair.

A comic book and sci-fi fan (We are legion!), he takes well-worn genre tropes and turns them completely on their heads.

Check out his dynamic fantasy thriller Sapphire Strange:

Chris Stone

Chris Stone has the uncanny ability to make productions designed for the small screen look epic, and feel truly cinematic.

His short films and web series exude ambition in scope and style. You feel as if his characters and worlds continue on long after the closing credits appear.

Watch his supernatural action thriller The Winter’s Club:

Mitch Cohen

Zombie stories are not my favorite.

Since the blockbuster success of The Walking Dead, many have rushed to cash-in on the zombie craze, often producing trite and lackluster stories.

Filmmaker Mitch Cohen has proven to be one of the few outstanding exceptions.

His zombie short Super Zero is simply brilliant.

Featuring a most unlikely hero you will want to cheer for, Mitch has crafted a zombie story filled with poignancy, humor — and yes- hordes of the undead.

His ability to forge a new path through well-tread tropes is rare, and I can’t wait to see what is next up his sleeve.

Watch his superb zombie short Super Zero here:

Each of these five individuals represent a new vanguard of visionary filmmakers who are forging exciting new landscapes in film.

Works by each of these filmmakers is featured in my new ebook 200 Best Online Sci-Fi Short Films — a compilation of outstanding science fiction and genre shorts totaling over 30 hours of film!

Download your copy, and discover why now is a terrific time to be a science fiction fan!

Note: All proceeds from the sale of this ebook help to keep my sci-fi site The7thMatrix.com independent and AD-FREE. Thank you!

Rod T Faulkner

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Proud Blerd. I write a lot about sci-fi, fantasy, and other genre entertainment. Founder of https://The7thMatrix.com and EYE ON SCI-FI podcast. Chocolate lover.

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