The Race of my Life.

So If you know anything about Albemarle High School. It’s the fact we are athletic driven school. I enjoyed things like FBLA, art,band and sci-fi Club, but for most college like Duke or Yale which is where I thought I was going to go they want you to be well rounded so that meant you needed a sport. It took me a while to find a sport that interested me and one where I was coordinated enough actually do well end.

I don’t know what year it was, but I was coming to school sneezing and coughing one because I had allergies, second because we had mold and dust in my home that effected my breathing, honesty I have sleep asleep apnea til this day. Anyway at school it literally became a running gag. I was always tired,sleepy and sneezy. I have gone to school with the same ppl for I’ve 10 years so news back then was faster then ‪#‎hastag‬ on Twitter . It even made it to the school school news paper gossip section the “Green Cheese”. The article read “Which junior noise runs faster then he does.” They didn’t say a name, but Dammit I knew they referring to me the bad thing I just figured out what sport I wanted to play.

By my senior year my Art teacher,Coach Mac, who was also pulling double duty as a track Coach encouraged me to try shot put and disk. But honestly I wanted to run… But I was fat and insecure about doing so I settled for something that want my passion.

My niece Jay was killing in the sport. Her and her teammates even won the A1 state championship in 4x4. The original ‪#‎blackgirlmagic‬ My other friends had A1 championship football rings and did track just to stay in shape. I wanted to do this sport and succeed,bad.

My senior year was crazy. I had a classes from 9:00am-3:00pm. Practice from 4:00pm- 6:00pm. Longer if we had a meet which could last until 10:00pm. Then I work a part time 3rd shift job, ya boy was tired. But When I’m in my zone I am a beast. I did all this because I had made up my mind I was going to college, ( those private and Ivy League schools seemed more feasible for Grad School.) To be honest I didn’t now where i was going. As everyone was getting their acceptance letters, planning Senior week trips and picking out cards, I was at The Holiday Inn (‪#‎nochingy‬). So I lied to ppl and said I got into Winston or UNCC just to keep up with the jones, I was doing this by myself, paying for school and still helping out at home. To keep it 100% real after Ms Pollard, our guidance counselor told me I was should go to community college despite me having a 3.0 GPA, That killed my Little ego I felt like giving up. Remind you this young black man who saw hisself at Duke or Yale University.

So finally Track season started I got to do the opportunity to run, I was able to tho the “fat man relay.” It is for people 200 pounds and over where they run. I was by far the least athletic compared but powered through. I still remember my some people laughing in the crowd. Picking joking. I didn’t let them get my in my head. Instead I focused on my sister Gina Lilly. Who I can still remember cussing some people who making fun of me out in crowed and cheering me on.

Keys I learn from that Event that has taken me this far in life.

🔑 Stay focus, Tuning out all of those nay Sayers and people who don’t now your story. 
🔑Run your race, Nobody can see your finish line from their perspective, but you. 
🔑Give it your all, Some of us are out here in our box watching life pass us by. There is no RESET to life this is it. So dream big, chase dreams, fail at something, lose, cry, pray and keep going your award is right around the corner.

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