Our regular “Innovation Coffee” programming is disrupted this Friday, 26 February, as I get the privilege of MC’ing a breakfast event for the AIIA Innovation Special Interest Group. This will be our first public event for 2016, and a pretty good start to the year.

First off, Victor Dominello, Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, NSW Department of Finance, Services & Innovation will talk about the updates to the NSW Innovation Policy, and how this is affecting engagement with Industry.

Then John Kat, ICT Sector Specialist for the UK Dept of Trade and Investment will be sharing insights from London’s largest Tech Hub, as well as opportunities for startups to break into the UK market, and potential funding.

John is followed by Murray Hurps, CEO of the wildly successful Fishburners, who will update entrepreneurs on the new Australian Innovation incentives such as 20% tax break for investing in start-ups, and CGT opportunities.

Our last speaker is Simon Cant, the co-founder and MD, of the Westpac Reinventure Fund. Simon will discuss the local Fintech Start-up ecosystem, as well as the policy reform we need to make Australian start-ups more competitive in the global market.

I then get to interview them as a panel, before you get the opportunity to expand your network.

I’m certainly excited about working with these thought-leaders in the industry, both here in Australia, and overseas. So here’s a cordial invitation to come along, we start at

  • 7:30 am on Friday 26th Feb
  • 47th floor of the MLC building on St Martin Place.

Register here: http://rog42.tv/1QbTpNR

If you could ask any of the panellists a question, what would that be? Let me know in the comments or via a direct message to my email (no trolling please)

See you there.

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