One of the worst things I see in all this is the complete disregard for the people of Stoke and…
Silvi Vee

Quite. The MPs who quit the seats have shown them the contempt that they clearly felt for their constituencies, which might explain their lack of popularity in the first place. The time of ‘safe seat’ politics should be over, taking voters for granted, correctly, destroyed Labour in Scotland and will do so again in the rest of the UK. Nothing to do with ‘brexit’ and everything to do with parachuting candidates into seats who have their eyes solely on Westminster politics and the interests/politics of the PLP. A legacy of the ‘New Labour’ experiment.

One thing that I hope will come out of the by-elections, apart from Labour wins, is the effort by the membership in the canvassing. Labour can’t get a fair representation from the media but, like no other party, could rally an army onto the streets and in communities canvassing. If Labour do hold Copeland and Stoke it will largely be because of the efforts of the membership. Labour can compete with the message from MSM by bypassing it and speaking directly to people. Something most effective when it is the public doing it, not just politicians or paid marketeers.

The ‘establishment’ politico-media circus have been shocked by the results of the EU referendum, were nearly caught out by the Scottish IndyRef, and a big part of that is because conversations were taking place between ‘ordinary’ people, bypassing the media. The media were shocked because people have not been lemming-like following the instructions of our media overlords.

Labour won’t win the next general election by appealing to the cappuccino commentariat but by speaking directly to voters through voters just like them, that means through people from the same communities.

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