This is a very insightful blog.
Peter Goble

Quite. We have already witnessed privatisation creep of health care, from parking to TV/WIFI and the contractualisation of so many NHS services. I still believe the biggest barrier broken occurred when we allowed NHS dentistry to disappear in any meaningful sense.

The Tories have an underlying ideology of grow and protect the wealth of the wealthiest. Conservative voters think that that ideology matches their own but they do not understand or ignore fundamental differences. Conservative voters believe encouraging people to aspire to be wealthy drives the economy and a strong economy benefits all. The Tories understand that the economy can be bent and exploited to drive the wealth of the wealthiest and they do not care if it benefits anyone other than the wealthy. Conservative voters think that you can earn what you deserve, the Tories think wealth should be rewarded with wealth.

For the Tories, public spending is a vast pool of wealth that can be channeled towards the wealthy, and the NHS is the jewel in the crown.

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