Yes but more unites us than divides us
Pete Stanway

Sadly, one of the first things the NEC did was ban CLPs meeting, cutting off any communication between CLPs and their MPs. Before that, MPs simply chose to ignore their CLPs and went ahead with a vote of no confidence against the current leadership without deigning to speak with their CLPs to explain. The responsibility lies with MPs to talk to their CLPs, CLPs can’t force communication.

MPs got sold a ‘done deal’ by those behind the coup and they didn’t have the courage to reject the mess of the coup once it was clear what direction it was taking after the ‘done deal’ was proved to be anything but. Some MPs hate Corbyn’s leadership but many more just saw his resignation as inevitable and decided supporting the coup was the easier option. It is telling just how silent the majority of the 172 have been over the past three months.

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