Why I’m backing Amelia Womack for re-election
Alex Powell

Hi Alex, I am persuaded by your continuity point regarding Amelia and look forward with interest your post on the Leadership in a 1 and 2 front line as opposed to say a 2 and 1 midfield.

I support David Malones candidacy for leader , it strikes me that his election offers a good compromise of the New and the Old Staus quo potentially as where a Single Leader instead of Co Leaders is chosen then Two deputies are elected under the parties leadership system.

Caroline has a huge job as an MP in Westminster and of course Natalies leadership in the 2015 Election with Carolines Stirling Westminster Club prescence gave an excellent pincer effect in dealing with media both from Outsider and insider perspectives , we must be cognisant of the fact that the electorate is sick to death of the westminster club insider perspective as it is with the Washington Beltway perspective in the states.

With a General election a high likliehood following Brexit I would venture that a leadership of 1 plus 2 is more effective in utilisation of political capital resources of the Green Party of England and Wales than a 2 plus one approach, which could see Amelia not in the joint deputy role and could see Caroline being asked to do what is an impossible task with even her undoubted talents and energies.

Of course the question for the Caroline/Jonathan 2 plus 1 leadership is who Caroline endorses for deputy leader Amelia or Shahrar. For my money Amelia and Sharar make a perfectly sensible combination where the sum of the whole is greater than the parts. Or of course the other deputy leader candidates and Leaderdship candidates.

Shahrar is a formidable intellect and hugely powerful orator with passion and real revolutionary credentials The two or another two deputy combination supporting David Malone who is one of the leading writers and speakers on Hetrodox Economics and Banking and Finance will make a huge contribution to the raising of public conciousness and political will to tackle Issues traditioannly supported within the Green Constituence coupled with the arguments on how these things are deliverable with the understanding of Political Economy David can also deliver.


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