Don’t take it personal! You are doing just fine.

I was at my work, as usual calling people asking them about their business and giving to them some tricks to make them appear on internet with ease. Some people like it, although most of them hate it, people don’t want to be bothered even when you are trying to help them, such an irony! Anyway, I started getting frustrated, not getting the numbers I needed in order to be productive at my work, that’s why the company hired you and not achieving those numbers seems to be a good reason to fire you as well.

As I mentioned in other story I worked on cruise ships and over there numbers were also a big deal, that could turn your life into nightmare. First, you have nowhere to go, you are in the middle of nowhere and you are going to see your manager every single day, even in your cabin, if for some reason you are lucky and you have to share your cabin with him/her. Second, if your manager doesn’t like you, then you are in trouble, believe me, working on ships can be a nice thing but also the most difficult challenge a person can face. But the one good thing I learned over there was how not to take things personally, and that’s the point here.

Most of us like to take things personal specially if we are trying to make a point in a discussion, and when it happens with your boss you may feel you are on the black list and every step from that moment on will be recorded, that you are going to be the next one fired! But this happens only in our mind, what really happens is that your boss has more things to worry about, like “the whole system stopped working again” or “the quality this month dropped dramatically” and yes, your manager still have some time to think about you, but it is not the most important item on the list, at least not yet.

So, all this stress is on your shoulders and you are not smiling as you used to, and your colleagues started to ask “are you ok?” and you say “yes, I’m just tired, no worries” but they are not worried at all, they are ok, you are the one worried, mostly for noting. Instead, relax, take the time you need to adjust, start again that task and everyday start it without having in mind what happened the day before, today is a new day! Hooray! Put yourself together and don’t worry, you are doing OK, don’t let your thoughts and fears take over, remember you are the one in control!

Roger G. Zapata

Photo: caio_triana