Let’s start hugging each other again!

There we were at the park, it was a nice Sunday and plenty people were enjoying the day. Some of them were fighting, I suppose that’s how they enjoy, others were reading (a real book by the way) others were feeding the birds, some playing soccer and so on.

My wife and I worked for few years on ships, cruise ships to be exact, we were doing photographs of the people, all the time. We agreed that the most difficult part of the work was getting families together, mostly because they didn’t want to hug.

“I mean, really? you want us to hug?” was often the comment I got when asking families to hug each other.

“Come on man! just take the bloody photograph, just snap it” said a man when asked to hug his son. Things like that I used to listen everyday at my “photo studio” on board.

Before I decided to join ships I was doing wedding photography, and what I think was exiting about it was to see people getting close to each other, hugging each other… Seems that times have changed, people (thanks God not all) want to hug their mobile phones, tablets and pets…

…but humans, we are forgetting we are still here.

So, we were at the park and after walking for a while we decided it was a good time to sit down. Then I saw a lovely woman taking a photo of what for me looked like grandpa and his two grand-kids asked her for it, but I was wrong. Grandma was trying to take a photo of the two grand-kids and her husband, she was trying to get everyone in the frame, make them smile and trying to get a water fountain that was behind of them as part of the background which for me was really nice one. She tried so many times without any luck to get the photo she wanted, grandpa and the kids were posing for her, all of them with a huge smile on their faces and moving according to her instructions

looked like if they were performing some kind of choreography, was really fun to see.

While I was observing them, I felt connected to the whole idea of a family, I then remembered the time I was a photographer on the ship and thought to myself “how easy it is to hug each other, how ridiculous that people over there acted when we just asked them to hug” Then I jumped out of my chair and went to the rescue! I asked the grandma if they wanted me to take a photograph of them together with the water fountain she was trying to get as a background

Oh, that would be perfect! Thank you so much!

She said while sharing with me her beautiful smile. I took few photos of them, all of them looked so happy and they hugged each other so nicely… Yes, that was a nice reward for me! I wasn’t looking for something back though. After that, there was no need from them to say thanks to me, although they did it! Such a lovely day!

So, Go out, enjoy more, hug often, help others

You can and probably you need to use your mobile phone as as part of your job many times in one day, but keep in mind there are people waiting to be hugged, people that are missing your hugs! and let’s be honest, being hugged makes us feel so good!

Roger G. Zapata

Photo: eommina
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