Hi guys I’d like to put this great taught out as a philosophical one and what I am going to say is not against any religious order ….. Now this would not be the 1st time someone like me to think of this in 1977 a professor did and even today in the Scientific community has come up with it but I have my own taught and twits on it so here it goes ……

Just like the film the Matrix are we living in a computer simulation just like one of those Snow globes that we shake that’s our world in a glass house that we can’t leave and with the sun that rise every morning and the moon and stars that come out in the nite sky is all set just for ((((you)))) like any computer simulation or game it has Physics to make it seam like reality so in saying that I me ,Y.O.U have never step out side of the glass house into so called space all we can see is photos but that doesn’t prove it’s real ??? And even when we are told that we found a new planet or star they are being program to tell us that becos we Believe what were told ,now I often heard that the god of the bible loves to work with numbers so are these number codes just like RNA and DNA codes . And every bible I won’t name them for reason to cos any offence to any one but if you look at the word Bible it can stand for Basic instructions before you leave earth well something like that but here were it gets strange like all programmers we need a manual just like the bible but the story teller give you a start middle and ending but .Y.O.U don’t get to see the ending and here why and here why the architect and programmer designed it like this to play the Art of war or chess meaning we are program by our DNA from start to finished we are taught all the great things about life but if we died or decided to opt out of this world or program all our files data are fully deleted and we are spawned back into the program as a new character or code DNA playing the game of chess all over again . Now were I was going with the bible was we heard from reading it about how life was form how things happen in history and how it’s all going to end but that could be years and years and years away of our life time to bare witness to those Events but I am not speaking about the biblical side of things at all I am making a point . And it is Y.O.U i.e. me will never knows what happens at the end of that story becos il be opt out of the program and put bk in and the cycle never stops or the programmer could be telling us that he or she is going to Reboot the hole computer program well what dose it mean . The architect programmer is having a great lulz lol at us and he is one day going to press alt: control: and delete go into task manager and stop running the program and say it’s ((((finished)))) but then the question is to ask who told .Y.O.U i.e. Me I was living in a Computer simulator lulz or did I find away to hack into the System.

Thanking you guys il leave you’s with that yes some might say I am crazy or wacky lol but the truth of the matter I am not the only one in cyberspace ….. And again it’s all hypothetical and philosophical thanking you … Please leave you taught or comments below thanking you.

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