I don’t feel like training and doing what i love everyday but what do i do?


I do love football freestyle and i do love going to the gym but there are always some days in the week were i wake up tired,sore and feel like doing nothing.

If you are not an athlete then you wont probably totally understand what i mean, but when you train hard for 2 hours at least everyday you wake up with aches all over your body. Its even hard to walk normally without feeling pain.

If you are not an athlete i am pretty sure there are some days were you don’t feel like going to college or work at all. You are tired and just not in the mood to do the same daily routine.

I know some of you ditch classes when you do not feel like going to school haha but that does not put you on the right track to achieve your goals.

I figured out that If you only Put in Work in the days you feel like doing so then you will not accomplish much.


Now what should you do?
You should Over Come.
If you want to be rich,successful you must be able to endure Pain and overcome hard time in life.
Life is hard, it fucks you hard sometimes but you must be willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO REACH YOUR GOALS.

I do not like to be in that mood of course So i have a daily routine that keeps me pumped everyday.


I wake up have a shower, listen to chilling music,meditate,visualize myself achieving my goals and i read my goals OUT LOUD that MY MIND CAN HEAR THEM AND INSTALL THEM. Then i watch some motivational videos of my hero’s Arnold and Muhammed Ali.

So lets say you want to be a great singer, then you would have to read out loud everyday in the morning “I AM THE GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIME” until you actually believe it. Once you believe it and have ABSOLUTE FAITH THAT YOU ARE THE GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIME, YOU WILL ACHIEVE ALL OF YOUR GOALS NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. BECAUSE YOU ARE THE GREATEST. THERE IS NO ONE BETTER THAN YOU.

That’s the mental side, if you master it y0u are so close to success BUT you still have to do ONE more thing. That’s where most people FAIL.

YOU have to put in MORE WORK THAN EVERYBODY ELSE, yes it’s HARD , yes i understand you do not have time. IF YOU REALLY DESIRE SUCCESS THEN YOU WILL FIND A WAY AND YOU WILL DO IT WITH HUNGER IN YOUR EYES. So if Michael Jackson use to write and sing for 4 hours everyday then you have to DO THAT AT LEAST 4 HOURS EVERYDAY.

If you keep repeating I AM A CHAMPION until you believe it with ABSOLUTE FAITH THAT YOU ARE A CHAMPION, train for 4–5 hours everyday then YOU WILL EMBODY IT and one day opportunity will come OUT OF NO WHERE, You Will RISE and SHINE.

Losers only train when they see an opportunity, CHAMPIONS TRAIN IN THE OFF SEASON and when an opportunity shows up. THEY ARE READY. THEY KILL EVERYBODY ELSE because they have sweated enough in the OFF SEASON.

The more You bleed in training, the less you bleed in Battle

Now there will be days were you do not feeling like doing what you love even after doing the morning rituals, but they will be LESS OFTEN.
You still have to OVERCOME and put in the work.

Some days i wake up and i do not feel like eating healthy food so what do i do? I take my protein shake, do my workout and then i would be hungry that i might eat anything within reach HAHA OR just eat my usual breakfast OR reward myself if i have been eating clean for 5–6 days with a cheat meal.

Today i was in the beginning of my workout, my muscles got exhausted and i did not have energy. I looked at my schedule and saw that i still have too many exercises to do. For a moment i decided to stop. THEN i looked at the mirror and told myself IF YOU WANT TO BE AS GREAT AS MUHAMMED ALI AND ARNOLD then I HAVE TO SUFFER AND TRAIN LIKE A CHAMPION

This made me pumped to kill my workout.

At the gym i see people that have been training for 4–5 years lifting the same weight i lift and i have been training for a year only. Now how is that possible ?! It’s because they ARE MENTALLY WEAK. Physically their muscles can lift much more weight but their mind can not. I AM MENTALLY STRONG so i am able to lift heavier weights sometimes.

As i told you before that being mentally strong is not enough, i workout everyday and that’s why i am able to do that.

I hope this inspired you and helped you to achieve your goals.


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