Life is all about getting more experience in what you do and becoming a better version of yourself to achieve your desired goal.
We must learn from our experiences and never get demotivated when something unexpected happens.
Its a test from God (the universe, whatever you want to call it), God is testing your desire for greatness.Your desire for that goal. Your desire for greatness. You wont be satisfied if you become the greatest boxer of all time or the greatest football player of all time without experiencing pain,failure,injures,hate. You simply wont feel you are great because you never went through the journey that makes you a better and more confident version of yourself. The Journey, is what made Muhammed Ali, Arnold the greatest in their field. If they never went through the journey they would not be that much successful. Endure the pain, LOVE IT. Look for it. IT MAKES YOU GREAT.
If you ever wished to be born rich/successful/famous then don’t.If you see the children of celebrities/rich/successful people they are NEVER more successful than their Dad/Mum that went through the journey. They dont have the DESIRE for Greatness. The desire for money. The desire for fame. They have it all, and that’s why they are NEVER Greater Legends than their parents. Do you even know the name of Michael Jordan son ? Do you even know the name of Arnold’s son? NO. Why? because they simply have NO DESIRE for success. Thank God that you have the desire, YOU just have to wake it up. Wake up the Greatness within you. Legends never die. Their Legacy lasts. Every time i see a rich guy that worked for nothing in his life, i thank God that i wasnt born rich, because he doesnt have my desire for money,fame,success.

You wont see a Nike shoes series by his name Like Michael Jordan but you will see one with my name. Everyone likes MJ sneakers, but no one ever heard of that rich kid. Embrace the journey.

Through out this journey you must NEVER BE AFRAID TO FAIL, face your fears, behind your fears is Success. Last week i traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to compete in the Asian Championship. I was training only 2–3 times a week freestyle but i wanted to compete. I had my EYES ON THE PRIZE, although i knew there are much better guys than me, but that DID NOT MATTER. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything. You never know what happens. The guys better than you might not perform well, they might get an injury, they might fall asleep and miss the competition. Countless things can happen if you believe in yourself.

I won the first round, then i was up against my friend Fahed. I had to use some of Muhammed Ali and Arnolds techniques when it comes to winning. You win your opponent before you actually come up against him. How? You make him mentally weak. You must take out all the confidence in him. You must convince him that you are simply going to win him. Even if he is your friend. Remember No one is your friend in the battle. So the day of the competition i saw him in the venue after i talked to him last night.I saw fear in his eyes. I saw him thinking (what if i loose ? what if he does some crazy new tricks….) it all showed through his eyes and face expressions when he looked at me. I knew i won. My conversation with him the night before worked. I got into stage confident that i am going to win.

I messed up. I did not perform well. WHY ? I did not prepare well enough. I did not train 4–5 hours EVERYDAY. Still, i had to put myself into the mentality champion. I have visioned myself winning, won him mentally but forgot one thing.Preparing is a Very important thing. Even if i trained for 2 weeks before the competition 5 hours everyday, i would have not won it and that is because i was not consistent in my training the past year. Consistency is the key to success. A lot of time i see myself and other freestylers pulling some tricks but they simply dont look smooth because of very small details. In Fact Small details are what make the difference, that is what Roger Federer said. Those small details come from consistency, they come after repeating the same thing everyday for a very long period of time.


I learned the lesson, that is the most important thing after all.
Now i am getting back to training slowly until i will be training every single day without thinking about it. Do you know why i wont start training every day directly? Because then i will see it very hard, but when you start with 3 days a week, then 4 days a week then 5–6 days a week, training everyday wont be hard for you. It will be simple. Even when i started eating healthy a year and a half ago. I wasnt very strict at the beginning, i wasnt counting my protein, carbs , calories or anything like that. I was just eating as much as i want of healthy food with fruits and salad. But now i count every single gram of protein,carb,fat i get into my body. Its the machine i am living in all of my life so i must know what i put into it. If it is high quality petrol or cheap petrol.


I FELT LIKE SHIT. I never felt like that before. I could have performed better, i could have won him, i could have trained more, i could have been more consistent….. This made me feel like shit. I promised myself that I’ll be back next year better than ever before.

In action

The very first day i came from the competition, i took my ball and went to the gym to train there. I was so motivated to train. Before i start my training, my trainer told me that their is a Physique competition after 4 days! I was like FUCK i have been training hard EVERY SINGLE DAY for this ! BUT it was my off season and i was bulking to gain size ! I am not LEAN ENOUGH ! Competitors usually prepare 12 weeks(3 months) before a competition! They tweak their diet and training to get more defined and lean ! I did not want to miss a chance of winning. I said to myself FUCK IT I AM COMPETING.

Went on a very strict diet for 4 days, it was SO MENTALLY CHALLENGING. Specially not drinking water. Food is not a problem for me, i can control myself but not drinking water for a day! FUCK i am not used to that. I had to do it to look lean on stage. Its unhealthy for the body, but you don’t get into that stage everyday.

I visioned myself on stage,practiced my posing and BOOM ! I was ready to rock the stage ! I went to the venue and i was shocked !! EVERYONE THERE HAD A BETTER BODY THAN ME!! EVERY ONE HAS BEEN TRAINING FOR WAY LONGER THAN ME !! But i knew one thing. No one has prepared like me. They only trained and dieted. They did not practice their posing, they did not vision themselves, they dont have the mentality of the champion, they are not so confident. The moment i stepped my stage, my smile was BIG !! I was expressing myself ! I was posing while flexing my abs and smiling as if its a piece of cake, as if i do it while am asleep. EVERYONE was nervous, they were just standing. They had no idea what to do. They did not prepare like me. People in the crowd that i never met before were cheering for me and calling out my number. I had the STAGE PRESENCE, I had THE CROWD. WHY ? Because i was looking at everyone and smiling ! I was appreciating their presence. THEY LOVE IT. Even the judges were smiling to me when i looked at them. They ONLY smiled to me. I was the confident guy with the worst body on stage. I was the king.

I did not qualify BUT this time i was not sad. I did not feel like i lost. I did not feel like shit. WHY ? Because i have done MY BEST. I HAVE SIMPLY DONE EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO WIN. I WON THE STAGE. I TRAINED EVERY SINGLE DAY. I TOOK THE SUPPLEMENTS NEEDED. ATE THE FOOD NEEDED. SLEPT 10 HOURS EVERY SINGLE DAY. I LEFT NOTHING UNDONE. I walked out of the stage happy, i walked out smiling !! Its simply a matter of time. Muscles(SUCCESS) are not built in a day, i have to be patient and keep working hard. I need a lot of time to get the body of the guys that were up against me on stage. Everyone is different. It might take me a year to reach to a certain level in freestyle or get a certain body and it might take my friend just 6 months to get to my level. This must not demotivate you ! It must motivate you to work harder ! It must motivate you to be the hardest worker in the room.

As You can see here everyone on stage had a better body than me but they had no idea what to do. Me and my friend beside me(He is training for over 12 years and got 2nd place in MuscleMania World 2012)that won this competition were the only people posing and smiling with confidence !

Remember, its the journey that is exciting ! DONT BE AFRAID TO FAIL Experiencing continuous failures and not giving up makes you a different version of yourself. You will believe that NOTHING is not possible.

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