The Greatest

So my teacher asked me to do a personality test and list at least two general occupations within the sport industry that i think would be a good match based on my personality type.

That was the outcome.

Extravert (1%) Sensing(12%) Thinking(1%) Perceiving (44%)

I do not know what do these mean but I know that I am very confident, I express my self, I follow my heart, I am a cold person, I do not care what people think or say about me, I believe in myself, I am disciplined, I always aim to the top, I am always the best, I work hard, I am dedicated to my dreams, I am successful and I am the greatest.

Since I do not know what my results mean, I can not agree or disagree with it, however I can tell you that I am someone who is allergic to average, aims to be different and is getting famous.

Based on my personality I am meant to be an Athlete and a motivational speaker (for athletes) since, I am dedicated, disciplined, hard worker, big dreamer that is making his dreams become a reality. I will have the best physique on Earth, be a famous actor and use it to inspire millions of people (including athletes) to keep going and never give up on their dreams. I will use the obstacles I faced on the way to the top to fuel everybody else to keep going. A simple example is that I come from the Middle East , my visa got refused to Spain, Italy and Germany before I come to the United States of America so I will use this as a simple example to show them that they should never give up no matter what mother nature gave them. Desire always outwits Mother Nature. I am a competitive person, I workout 4–5 hours every day, weight lifting is one of the hardest sports ever since it’s physical pain directly to your body and I keep going hard every single day thus I know I will be an unforgettable athlete (Physique competitor). I am not a normal person who wants to live life. I am creating a legacy behind me, I am inspiring millions of people to achieve their personal goals. I want to honestly say Veni Vedi Vici on my deathbed. This is a Greek quote that means I came, I saw, I conquered. I know I am the only student with that mentality you will meet in your life, I am unique and proud about it. Wherever I go people notice am different, I am always the center of attention, they call me cocky but they also tell me I should be a motivational speaker which is happening no doubt. I want my parents, family and friends to be proud of me.

Couple of days ago an incident happened and I did not know if I will be alive the next day, such things shape who me, make me stronger mentally and remind me to live every single second of my life to the fullest doing what I love.

I am pretty sure after you read this you can notice the confidence in myself that makes me a great legend, however I know you will like it because this is totally different to what everyone else wrote, one day when you watch me all over the media you will say proudly this grown up man was in my class and I knew he is going to make it happen.

In the next 5–10 years I will be Mr Olympia Physique Champion and a motivational speaker traveling all around the US doing motivational seminars in the Fitness Expo’s, I promise you that will happen. What’s appealing to me in these “jobs” is that I want people to look up to me and say “because of you I did not give up”, I want them to see me on stage and say ”wow I want to have a beautiful body like that”. I simply want to change their lives. I always get inspired when famous people talk about their journey just like Arnold, I once had a fitness photo-shoot with a famous British singer called Rita Ora , I whispered in her ears “one day I will be as famous as you” and she told me “I believe in you”.

Such things inspire me to inspire other people because without goals, life is meaningless. Every day people wake up early to their jobs hating their lives, I want people to wake up every single day happy and fresh to conquer their days to achieve their goals. I do not want people to follow what society tells them to do, I want people to follow their passions, be athletes, singers, actors, dancers ….

I am confident enough to say that you understand my personality right now since I do not aim to have a “job” like other people. I am to hire people to work for me.

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