Why you should Work 6 days a week only.

Why do i only train 6 days a week and not every day?
Monday through Saturday i wake up everyday with one goal in mind and that is to conquer all of my dreams.
The first thing i do in the morning is make sure to receive useful positive information to my mind because that is when my mind is fresh and able to receive and process knowledge.

I either listen to motivational/inspirational/informative videos about life on you tube by Elliott Hulse​ Brandon Carter​ and the one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger​ or read books about achieving goals,results and conquering any competition i face in life.
However, on Monday and Wednesday i have a class at 8:30 am so what i do is take my Ipad to the class, read books and pay no shit to what the teacher is saying since she is trying too hard to teach the class how to get a job instead of how to create jobs.I do understand that she does not know how to create jobs, that’s why she is working for the school however i still respect her for teaching others how to live in mediocrity. It just makes it easier for me to get rich and hire these kids looking for jobs.

Do not understand me wrong, i am not against working to get money. In fact i do like hard workers and encourage them to work hard every single day, BUT have a definite plan of what they will do with the money and invest it to live a financially free life.
I make sure to go to the gym after that and conquer a 2 hour workout session.

I then go to classes/study and come back to the gym at night to train hard for another 2–3 hours.
I repeat this process for 6 days a week and i can still do it for one more day(i have done it a lot) but i make sure to take a rest day because my mind is put into so much mental focus.

If you don’t know what i mean by mental focus then what i mean is focusing on every single rep i do, thinking about every single muscle i am working,flexing and visioning how i am sculpting every single muscle when i am working hard, visioning the complete package i am getting in the next couple of years, thinking about my weak muscles outside the gym and flexing them to define them and improve the muscle mind connection. Visioning myself on stage being crowned as a champion by Arnold as he raises my arm to the top, visioning myself acting in movies, visioning myself on the red carpet being interviewed by media, visioning myself meeting my fans, visioning myself in my big luxurious house and Lambo.

I go to bed and my mind is still thinking about my goals and how much God blessed me with a really big vision and heart to follow it no matter what it takes. I thank God that i am unique and that he is keeping me alive every single day to achieve my dreams and inspire millions of people to achieve their goals.

I know that not every one has big dreams as me, but i want to be an example to the world that if you truly have a desire to achieve a certain thing in life, then you can as long as you truly believe it. I always want to prove my doubters wrong.

The mind is like our bodies, it needs rest from everything. I often meet people that are stressed out and freaking out. That is because of too much thinking. So what i usually do on my rest day(Sunday) is go to Starbucks ALONE(you need sometime for yourself) drink my coffee, listen to Bob Marely music and Chill. I think of Nothing. I watch movies and do what ever i want to do.

One of the important things to do through out the week when you are working hard is to enjoy the journey. Don’t be a slave to what you do(bodybuilding,freestyle,work….). What i mean by that is don’t do like what every body else does. For example i see bodybuilders walking wherever they go holding a gallon of water to stay hydrated.I know that they take a lot of supplements and need to stay hydrated but all of them tend to stop working out after couple of years because they took it too extreme and got fed up from this life.If you ask any of them if they enjoy doing that they will reply “yeah i enjoy doing it”.

Do not lie to yourself if you want to achieve your goals.Who the hell enjoys walking around with a gallon of water. No one. Holding a normal bottle of water might be another good alternative to stay hydrated. Arnold was never walking around with a gallon of water, in fact he said that the only water he drank was from the water fountain in the gym.

Another example is carrying your ball every where you go every day(even to The Cheesecake factory or the club ), now i do understand that us Freestylers like to freestyle everywhere(even in the kitchen). You simply do not need to carry it with you wherever you go everyday(I did it some times haha), however another alternative is taking your ball with you to a certain event or a place with lots of people.You can go to a different place every time. That can help you get shows and get connections. On the other hand if you are traveling and in a different country then carrying your ball with you wherever you go and Freestyling in different tourist spots is something must to do HAHA ! Remember you never know who you meet.

A rest day is always important to refresh your soul and body to go hard the next day.