Bodies of Truth

Feb 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Have you ever experienced the feeling that your higher power is trying to get your attention about something ? Whether your higher power is God, Jesus, the universe, Allah, a united consciousness- whatever. That’s been happening to me lately.

Many of you may have seen my Facebook post about my word of the year being “audacious”. It’s a great word, but not necessarily a word that I see or hear often. Last weekend when I was talking to my dad on the phone, he was apologizing for a hurtful thing that he once said to me, and he said, “ I can’t believe I had the…. AUDACITY”. It was like the universe was tapping me on the shoulder letting me know that it’s looking out for me.

Another thing that’s being brought to my attention recently is that body hate and food issues are not one size fits all problems. I haven’t struggled with these things because I happen to be fat, and fat bodies are disgusting and deserve to be hated. Females are taught to hate our bodies from a very young age. Sometimes that manifests through overeating and/or food restriction and/or exercise addiction and/or under eating and/or sitting on your ass and doing nothing and/or binges and/or purging… Just because my body happens to have reacted to those behaviors by being fat, doesn’t mean I deserve or have earned my body hate any more or less than a person whose body has reacted by being thin. I don’t get to judge or make assumptions about other bodies and what they have or have not experienced, and others don’t get to make assumptions about me. Fat does not automatically equal lazy and unhealthy, and thin doesn’t automatically equal athletic and healthy. All bodies have different truths.

Truth is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. What is Truth with a capital T? The Truth? Is there only one Truth? That’s what I have been taught in the past. Jesus is the Son of God, he came to Earth to die for our sins. You must be born again to be saved from an eternity in Hell- which is a real place where unrepentant sinners go. This is THE Truth. There is no other truth apart from Jesus Christ. We have to be careful what we read, what we watch, what we think about, because focusing on things not of God (the one True God) can lead us astray. Meditation on anything except Scripture is dangerous. Trying to figure out our problems with man’s psychology will lead us astray because God’s ways are higher than our ways and we can’t possibly heal our troubles with anything except faith in God (Jesus- the one True God).

Yesterday, I came across the video below, which explained the theory of relativity in a way I had not thought of before. How I perceive something is different from how another person will perceive the same exact thing based on where we are each standing.

Our perceptions of a higher power will also be different based on where we are standing. Where we live, where we were raised, our experiences, who our parents and grandparents are and where they “stand”. Just like the tones of the car horn, none of these perceptions are incorrect. They are True. If god; the universe; Allah; the higher consciousness; Love- is all powerful, all knowing, all understanding- why could they not be ALL of these Truths? If a human is at a place in their lives where their understanding is that there is no god- or that there may be a creator but they just don’t feel it is possible to pinpoint it as a fact- that is their Truth. And it is the Truth because Truth is relative. All truth is Truth, and I believe that God is big enough to be all of those things.


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