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  • Netflix Technology Blog

    Netflix Technology Blog

    Learn more about how Netflix designs, builds, and operates our systems and engineering organizations

  • Maarten Karremans | Mardoni

    Maarten Karremans | Mardoni

    Hier deel ik m'n gedachten over design, branding, marketing, etc. Daarnaast help ik bedrijven zichzelf beter te presenteren β†’ Check www.mardoni.com

  • Michael de Jong

    Michael de Jong

  • Wouter Willems

    Wouter Willems

  • Stefan van den Broek

    Stefan van den Broek

  • DHH


    Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp (formerly 37signals), NYT Best-selling author of REWORK and REMOTE, and Le Mans class-winning racing driver.

  • Joe Lencioni

    Joe Lencioni

    Web infrastructure at @airbnb. Making web since the 90s. Co-created happo.io. he/him Minnesotan, liberal, dad. Follow @lencioni on Twitter.

  • Sarah Oranje

    Sarah Oranje

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