Let’s face it: the Internet is all about text. There. I said it. Textual content is still the foundation of the Internet. However little thought seems to be given to actual text delivery. As a developer you just put it in the DOM, and it appears on a users screen right?


Still too many developers, but also other disciplines as UI/UX design, get this wrong. In this blog we’ll take a look at this issue, and how you can make your web fonts blazingly fast!

Adding text can slow everything down

Wait, are you serious? That thingy from 1455 is actually slowing my site down?

If you are not careful, yes. …

Switching all images on a big site is no trivial task. Yet this is exactly what Magnet.me did in the first half of 2018 in order to improve performance for our users. During this transition we switched from JPEG to WebP for all supported clients, for millions of user-uploaded images, across a variety of different platforms.

The basics: What is WebP actually?

WebP is an image format, developed by Google. It aims to significantly reduce file sizes compared to alternative formats such as JPEG or PNG. As such it allows images to be downloaded and shown faster to users which is especially helpful on lower-bandwidth connections such as a mobile device. …

Fat chance that if you are a software engineer who mostly works on applications exposed through browsers, you don’t think a whole lot about the network. Sure it’s there to get your content to the user. And you probably thing about download times and the like a bit.

But in general your application should just work, right? You’ll get an IP address from your hosting provider, and you’ll publish the corresponding A record in DNS. And an AAAA record (as it’s 2019). That handles the network on the side of the actual user of your application.

Once they hit your load balancers the request is your responsibility again. But what about the middle part? The actual internet? Relatively few engineers think about this step, or assume there can be something wrong there. …


Rogier Slag

Software Engineer. Lead software engineer @ Magnet.me, CTO @ inventid.nl. General nerd. github.com/rogierslag

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