Rogue West Token Rebranding and Network Migration

Rogue West: Crypto TCG
2 min readApr 15, 2022

(First of all, do not buy or sell ROGUE on ETH anymore. Liquidity has been removed)

The Rogue West Team is excited to announce our upcoming token rebranding and network migration. At the encouragement of our community, we are continuing to transition away from the expensive ethereum mainnet and onto the much cheaper and faster Polygon network.

As part of this transition we will be rebranding the Rogue Token. The Rogue token on mainnet will be replaced by Rogue Coin on Polygon.

You can view the new contract here:

We will also be increasing the supply from 10,000,000 to 100,000,000. This will make the token more attractive for buyers due to its lower unit price. Our goal is to increase the utility of the token by increasing supply and by removing the Ethereum fees.

The final change is that with the new contract transactions will be tax free! As part of our “Hold to Earn” initiative the previous Rogue contract would redistribute 1% of every transaction to Rogue holders. Removing this will further reduce gas costs and ensure you get all your Rogue Coins for every transaction.

We understand our current holders may be concerned by this, but don’t worry, we have your back!

  • We will take a snapshot of the ROGUE wallets during the weekend.
  • If your tokens are deposited on the staking pool, it is recommended to claim them now here
  • Existing holders will be airdropped an equivalent value of Rogue Coin. For every 1 Rogue you hold, you will receive 10 Rogue Coin on Polygon.
  • We have already removed liquidity from Rogue in preparation for the move on Polygon and the listing on Quickswap

For most of our holders there is nothing you need to do! Just sit back and wait for the airdrop.

For those who still have tokens staked with cyberfi at the time of the snapshot, those can always be claimed individually.

This also has NO impact on your Rogue West NFTs. Your collection will remain fully playable and unaffected.

We have another surprise for tomorrow 🎁 stay tuned 👀

About Rogue West:

Travel across the alternative America of the Wild West era, where danger awaits around every corner: zombies, fanatics and outlaws of all kinds. Build a unique deck and compete with other players!