How we DOUBLED our Website Traffic Record

It’s always good to have something to celebrate. I’ve been at iSeekplant for three weeks today, and it’s been absolutely flat out. One of Australia’s “Big 3” media companies has acquired a fair chunk of the company, which has given us some serious cash to play with.

We’re yet to take advantage of the enormous weight of their enormous online presence, so for now we’ve been maximising more traditional methods of generating site traffic.

One of the strengths of our brand is our blog, the “industry hub”, where we discuss major new projects, impediments to existing ones, and just about anything else that appeals to our readers.

Previously, the blog had not been leveraged to the greatest possible extent. It has for some time been the main source of traffic for the website, largely via EDMs, minor social efforts and organic hits.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a very strong believer in social media’s ability to drive serious, relevant traffic. Yesterday was powerful proof of that.

I wrote an article on the Northern Gas Pipeline, a fairly significant construction project in the Northern Territory and Queensland. We knew, based on the past performance of similar posts, that it would perform above average. We have a strong following in Queensland, and a lot of our followers own and operate earthmoving equipment. News about large jobs is very appealing.

However, the article ultimately exceeded all expectations.

See that spike at the end? That was yesterday. That fairly big spike before that was our previous biggest day, in mid January. I’m not going to share hard numbers, but that spike at the end represents a 112% increase on our previous record.

Over the period shown in the graph (Jan 2015 until Feb 16th, 2016), social traffic accounted for 44.1% of total visits. Yesterday, on our highest day ever, 82.5% of our traffic was social.

The vast majority of this social traffic came via Facebook. As soon as the post started gaining traction there, I threw $50 behind it. Later that afternoon, as it continued to kick on, I threw another $200 on it. Once you gain momentum, ride it hard until it dies.

As of right now (10am Wednesday), the post has reached over 180,000 people, garnered 724 likes, and been shared 513 times.

This post alone brought in over sixty registrations, so it’s not all fluff. The post will well and truly pay for itself. We’re going to continue our efforts to build outstanding traffic, with a strong focus on social.

If you’re not pushing your wares on social media, you should be.

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