I hack time.
Quincy Larson

My 2 Cents on Hacking Time

Quincy, what-a-post! Loved it.

I analyzed myself and got to know — I do a lot of procrastination. I tend to put things off for next day which never comes.

I started putting things on calendar with time block and made a committed to check the calendar for the day and do the task at designated time. It helped me do the task within a time-frame than postponing it forever.

I avoid phone calls and encourage people to leave me messages or email.

At the end of day, I check all the messages and respond/take action if necessary. I found that checking email often lead to anxiety and it comes as a hinder in my work.

I have not done it completely, I am in process. Most of my friends tend to message me when it’s not that urgent.

I download the podcasts on my phone and listen to them traveling from my home to work and then back. The commute hours is 1 hour in total and this way I listened to many podcasts which otherwise seemed tough.

Some suggestion — Tim Ferris, SPI and Seth’s Start up School.

P.S. Super duper cute baby. :)