What type of women should you never date?

  1. One who asks for money — constantly. This is a big red flag because their only source of money is probably you.
  2. One who would punish you by not having sex when there is an argument which isn’t resolved. (Example, making you sleep on couch)
  3. Using sex as a means to manipulate outcomes and decisions out of you.
  4. One who badmouths all of their exes.
  5. Staying indoors and avoiding all social contact. This is not a healthy person.
  6. Clicking thousands of photos in a week every week.
  7. Using manipulation — example if you love me do this or many variations of this. It is very dangerous. Buddy it is very dangerous.
  8. One who beats you up — abusive relationship should be ended soon. The damage can grow and so the suffering.
  9. One who expects all sorts of game. A person should be direct in communication at least in a healthy relationship.
  10. Lies — one who lies a lot. Once you know this, stay away.

P.S. Many, if not all can be applied to men as well.

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