Shades of a Dream

She swayed gently in her seat, seemingly lost in thought. Her golden tresses lay in wait for the wind just outside the glass window. The individual strands were used to frolicking around and then being put in place by his fingers. Occasionally, she would fill in for him by tucking them away behind her ears.

She squinted in her sleep as the train passed by trees that broke the unending rays of sunlight. The light hurt her eyes, and as she opened them ever so lightly, the hint of an endearing mild frown appeared on her face. He chuckled.

She raised her eyebrows, quizzically. He nonchalantly shrugged in response, but she knew better. It was his eyes that gave him away. His enduring gaze seared through her flesh and an all-consuming urge filled her instantly. It was the way in which he looked at her.

The sight of her in yellow fabric caused the scripturient in him to come roaring to life. He felt as though she was draped in heaven’s embroidered cloths, enwrought with golden and silver light.

As she gazed into the abyss of his eyes, she couldn’t help but let go. All she wanted was to lose herself in him, floating through a timeless vacuum. For him, a force that he couldn’t get to the bottom of, was already making him want to drown himself in her depths.

Not a word was spoken. There was no need.

As the train approached the station and slowed down, she clasped his hand tightly, intertwining her fingers with his. She quickly stole a glance at their hands that were locked together in an embrace of their own, and smiled reassuringly.

The announcement in the compartment woke her suddenly. The train had already halted and passengers were disembarking. She was groggy and quickly glanced at her watch. It was her big day and it was already past 10 am. Anytime now, she thought, wanting to mark her day and time of birth with him. Wondering why he didn’t wake her up earlier, she immediately became acutely aware of the absence of his hand in hers.

She nearly panicked, as she hurriedly searched for him. It was not like him to disappear like that, leaving her stranded, that too on a day like this. A lot of people were filling up the aisle quickly. Suddenly, the realisation of what just happened hit her.

She stood up, smiled to herself as she stretched, and felt warm in the comfort of his thoughts. Walking towards the compartment door, she continued to scan the crowd ahead on purpose. She still kept looking. As if on cue, her headset played:

I’ve looked around enough to know
That you’re the one I want to go
Through time with

Dreams were no exception.