Case study — Designing FoodPanda.

Rohit Mehta
Nov 25, 2019 · Unlisted

About Foodpanda

Foodpanda was a food delivery startup, originally based out of Berlin, by Rocket Internet. Foodpanda’s Indian business was later acquired by Olacabs to compete with Ubereats in India.


I moved to the Foodpanda team to support the new team with their efforts to revive the business under Ola’s leadership. We had 1 goal — to bring the Foodpanda’s experience on parity with the main competition — Swiggy and Zomato.

Problem definition

Foodpanda’s existing experience was broken. It was plagued with inconsistencies. Some of the problems included account security, failed orders, incorrect orders, scamming via order placement, etc. This resulted in broken experience, and also was reflected from the increased support tickets.

Our singular focus (as Foodpanda product squad) was to identify and fix these issues on priority while introducing new features to compete.

Priority was set as below

  1. Fix the signup/login process to make it more secure and eliminate bad accounts
  2. Improve the payments flow within the app to bring it on par and leverage Ola’s own payment experience and expertise.
  3. Introduce Quickmeals — Order single item from a limited selection at unbeatable prices and 30-minute delivery (Competitor to Swiggy Pop).


We designed and prototyped various concepts for all three projects.

  1. Login/Signup — making it secure.
    We leveraged the existing Olacabs signup flow to add a second layer of security to the existing accounts. Users would be logged out and the would have to verify their phone numbers with an OTP (one-time-password). That way, users who used accounts with phone numbers not associated with them would be locked out. This would help in reducing the illegal use of accounts and controlling the frauds.
Whiteboard jam sessions, explorations

Login flow for the app

Web — Verification via Profile

Mobile web — Sign up

2. Payments redesign

Our next task was to redesign the payments flow to bring it on par with payments in Olacabs (eventually, the users would have one cohesive experience for booking cabs or ordering food).

Pay via Credit/Debit Card

Pay cash on delivery

Recent payment options

Apply coupons to save

3. Quick meals a.k.a Foodpanda NOW

Foodpanda NOW was launched to delivery single meals with a time guarantee. It was launched with an aim to get food panda back to its former glory where it enjoyed top spot until apps with better experience and service got ahead.

Various cases for the concept


Rohit Mehta

Written by

Designer. Current: Sr. Product Designer @Ola. Prev: Design Lead @Scandid.

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