Hittup: An app for socializing in REAL life

Do Stuff with Friends Now

I’m sure most of you are tired of hearing “social media is taking over our lives” or your parents/old people talking about the days when people didn’t have smartphones or weren’t constantly “plugged in”.

This hyperbolic video explains it all.

“Technology brings us closer to those who are far away yet pushes us farther away from those who are close to us.”

I guess the next question is why isn’t there any social media for making it easier to spend time with your friends close to you.

Why is it so DAMN HARD to find and make plans with friends?!

There have been a plethora of social apps trying to solve the almighty scheduling problem.

I even asked this question on Reddit and Quora.

Jesse Suarez had a great answer which I totally agree with. Here’s pretty much what he said:

  1. People simply don’t respond.
    How many texts or calls do you have to send out to get a response? In this era, we have too much on our plate, too much work, too many distractions, and too many things to respond to.
  2. People don’t give you a definitive answer.
    How many times have you heard your friend(s) say “maybe” or “I think so”? In a culture of instant gratification, we are accustomed to doing what is most convenient for us or waiting for the best option to come up until we commit to anything.
  3. Getting friends together requires effort; that’s why it happens less.
    You constantly have to track your friends down. Jessica doesn’t respond to her texts. Andrew only responds to calls. Mike only responds to Facebook Messenger. Claire doesn’t pick up her phone. AND then after all that madness, you find out some people are only free on on Tuesday night, some people are only free on Saturday…etc. AND THEN when you finally can decide on a time, you find out that half of them cancel last-minute, and then the other half only want to watch a movie instead of grabbing dinner. UGH 21st century problems, BRUH.

Conclusion: In an era with many distractions and options, current consumer technology is a terrible fit for facilitating in-person hangouts.

Our solution:

My co-founder, Arthur, and I came to the conclusion that lack of time will always an issue in peoples’ lives when making plans. We learned that the best way to tackle this problem is through having people sharing what their doing right now with their nearby friends in a map view.

Our goal is to lower the social barrier to hanging out with friends by making it easier to share what you’re doing.

There is no curent social tool to share what you are currently doing in real-time to nearby friends WITH THE INTENT OF MEETING UP IN REAL LIFE.

Imagine if you knew all the social options around you. If you knew that your friend, Mike, was playing basketball at the gym, or if you knew that your friend, Jessica, was grabbing coffee across the street. And you had all these social opportunities without picking up your phone to text or call anyone in advance.

That’s the world we envision.

We want to provide this information to users, so they can hang-out with their friends more. Just like how people take more photos with their cell phones because Instagram makes it easy to make a crappy iPhone photo look good.

We are just 2 crazy college students with a vision to shake up the social app space.

Click here to download it on iOS.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any feedback.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rohit.r.tigga
Email: rrtigga@ucdavis.edu