The Headache Of Being The Eldest

Warning: This blog isn’t meant for any younger sibling or single child. Although you would equally enjoy the blog, but you wouldn’t feel the connect or the headache that we older siblings go through. Anyways, the blog needs to be taken with a generous pinch of salt.

Many of you who know me well, would obviously know that I have a younger sibling, who goes by the name of Rohan. Though I love him very much, but I hate him equally. Not for some deficiency of his, but because of things that I have to go through. And I have to go through all of them because I am the elder brother. I am supposed to play an inimitable role in the structure of the family. I am supposed to set the standard for my younger sibling and be responsible enough because my actions are observed closely by impressionable eyes. I can’t be the too childish in front of him (well that’s obvious).

I am supposed to know everything. I am supposed to be the walking encyclopedia. The biggest headache: you are supposed to complete all of their holiday assignments. For all I know, he gets a lot of pampering as he always acts as if he is the baby of the family. One of the most common backdrops of being the eldest sibling is that it is always you who gets all the scoldings from your parents even when the younger one is the culprit. You always have to hide your chocolates and snacks, because if you don’t, they will be stolen within the blink of an eye.

But being the eldest also has its perks. It’s a great essence of maturity. You can still be a kiddo and play hide and seek with them. You know that your younger brother will come only to you and share their day. Whether it’s breaking cups and plates at home, or getting 90% in Math, or losing their football shoes in school! They look upon you for supporting them whenever they have a fight with their friends. For me, Rohan acts like my personal punching bag and I try all the new WWE moves that I learn. I admit to have been at the receiving end of punches from my younger brother in multiple fights. But at the end of the day, we both share the same bed.

I admit to be jealous of Rohan (to some extent) and as far as I know, he is also jealous of me (to some extent). But it’s amazing. It is amazing to see I can be jealous and at the same time protective of my younger sibling. And how Rohan could be so jealous and at the same time looks up to me for everything under the sun. It’s also amazing how we both look out for each other in our own ways.

P.S. Despite of all this, if I’m given a choice to decide who I want to be in my next lifetime (assuming I’ll have one), I’d still want to be born as the person I’m right now (eldest and everything included), without a second thought!

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